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How to delete the CrossBox Cloud app account

If you are using CrossBox Cloud app, or any other build of a CrossBox produced app, you can request deletion of your logged in account by navigating to Settings -> Delete     

Post machine migration

If you just migrated your disk to another machine with a different ip, you should do the following set of commands:   crossbox config set -k public_ip_address -s "new_ip_address" crossbox sync all After that you should wait at least 10 minutes until CrossBox recognizes the new environment. ...

App Connector Documentation

Intro App Connector is a CrossBox module that integrates multiple webmail and communication apps into a single interface. Users can switch between different apps and email accounts with ease, while the app management interface allows domain administrators full control over the apps running under...

Can I get a free trial?

Question I would like a trial crossbox license for 30 days. Answer We once offered 30 day free trials but due to a large number of licenses being used by shady persons for quicky setting up ready to go servers for illegitimate uses, and an increased number of support hours being put in dealing...

White-label CrossBox as a reseller or customer?

Question I am a reseller with my web hosting provider. My web hosting provider has CrossBox installed since the beta. I'd like to be able to white label it under my brand. Would this be possible? Basically my web hosting provider has their own brand on CrossBox and I have my own brand on CrossB...

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