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You can easily Dockerize CrossBox instead of installing it on a VPS or a Dedicated server. mkdir -p /var/crossbox cd /var/crossbox Create a Dockerfile nano Dockerfile Copy and paste: FROM ubuntu:latest MAINTAINER Support "" RUN apt-get clean && apt-get update ...

CrossBox Changelog

Track our progress 2019-02-11 The 0.3.7 version brings first release candidate (RC) and CrossBox is officially no longer in beta. Here is the changelog: CPANEL MAIL NODE CrossBox now fully supports cPanel's mail only server profile BRANDING all resellers now have control to brand their ...


Simply run the command cd /root/crossbox-installer && Steps: 1. Do you want to uninstall crossbox from this machine? y/n (n): type "y" and hit enter   2. Do you want to delete all crossbox related data for all users in the database? y/n (n) all data that crossbox gene...

Admin Area

Intro CrossBox features a simple to use administration interface which is used for managing a CrossBox server. Accessing Admin Area To access the administration, login to Admin Area via https://hostname:port/administer/area Replace hostname and port with those you specified during the install...

Performance Tuning

CrossBox Server Max Number of Workers Increase the number of workers by setting Max Number of Workers to your total CPU count. This will allow CrossBox to utilize a multi-core processing. For example, if you have a server with 8 CPUs, set this to 8. Remember that each worker also allocates ...

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Technical information about CrossBox can be found here. Feel free to browse around to learn more ...