External Services

External anti-spam gateway

Question We use an antispam gateway. The mails are transferred from a web hosting server to a different server and send from here, we are forwarding with Smarthost, this is not a problem. right? Answer Not a problem. This is one of the great CrossBox advantages - it does not change your curren...

External SMTP relay

Question We're running Crossbox standalone and we want to use Amazon SES to send emails? Answer If you want to use services like Amazon SES, Postmark, or some other SMTP relay, you need to do the following (stand-alone version only): Create /home/crossbox/app/config/exim/overrides/exim.authe...

Compatibility with SpamExperts Plugin

Question 1. We are currently using while labeled SpamExpert (Cloud Hosted) Plugin for our email filtering for inbound and outbound email. Does it make any conflict with your product as we have enabled Antispam in your products as well? 2. So in this case, if an email marked as spam in CB, woul...

Central Coturn server?

Question Can I change the Coturn server to a central Coturn server later? Answer Yes, you'll be able to define an external Coturn server in the server settings section within the admin area. This is useful if you want to offload audio/video call streaming to a separate, dedicated server.

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