Hosted Solution

Dealing with servers is not your thing? offers a hosted email service that comes with CrossBox included.

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Self-hosted (On-premises)

Server Requirements

Software License

One Server License
Unlimited accounts/domains *

Optional Features

White-label Web, Android and iOS Apps
Professional Installation
Our engineers will carry out the production-level deployment for you
Email, Live Chat, Help-desk

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Item Price Cycle
One Server License - Mail Module 13.61$ monthly

Pricing Tier
Servers Discount
1 - 4 0%
5 - 9 14%
10+ 28%


DUE TODAY: 13.61$



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Billing Questions

Currently we accept:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • SWIFT IBAN bank transfer
When buying larger quantities of a product, discounts are applied based on the quantity ordered. These discounts are "tiered" so that they increase as the order amount is raised.

Only server licenses can be discounted with tiers. Discount is not applied to add-ons (like branding/white-label) and services (like professional installation and the priority support).
We only offer refunds in certain cases. We want to clarify our policy on refunds so that there is no confusion. Please read these terms carefully BEFORE making your purchase with us.
Yes, you can both purchase or cancel any add-on, license or service later on. This includes:

  • Master server license
  • Slave server license
  • Branding add-on
  • Professional Installation
  • Priority Support
We do not put a limit on the number of email accounts and domains you can host with CrossBox on a single server. However, we do reserve the right to suspend any license found to be used in a non-fair manner. For example:

  • You can't use a proxy server to present numerous backends as a single server and then use a single server license for it. This kind of server setup requires a special "cloud" license.
  • You can't connect a remote IMAP server that is actually a proxy server or a cluster of servers, in order to falsely present numerous backends as a single server. This kind of server setup requires a special "cloud" license.
The fair-use clause is mainly put in place to protect customers from unfair competition practices.
Yes, the cart applies the tiered discount automatically, taking into account a number of active server licenses you currently have.
Services and licenses will be suspended on the 7th day of the invoice being overdue and terminated after 21 days.