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2020-06-05 (v0.5.0)

New features:

  • email scheduling
  • email snoozing
  • send large email attachments (up to 1GB)
  • email canned responses
  • screen-sharing during a call
  • additional branding features (added the ability to choose a custom font, animated loader, and several types of login pages)
  • settings -> mail settings (users can now choose IMAP or MySQL as a backend driver)
  • settings -> interface (users can now choose a custom "header style" to make CrossBox more personal)


  • improve Plesk extension features
  • port entire email module codebase from python to golang for better performance, stability, and maintainability
  • port db migration system from python to golang
  • move MailProcessor into app service
  • syncing of domains and accounts of hosting panels is now more aggressive and detections are faster
  • implement the task queue system in golang
  • switch from .ini to .json files for configuration (pending removal of .ini files completely)
  • increase file descriptors for all processes
  • increase uwsgi timeout for long execution tasks
  • implemented a custom ban system over iptables for services: MailProxify, mail client login and IMAP logins (standalone only)
  • all failed logins are offenses and too many incorrect passwords will result in a ban
  • tweak turn server to avoid throttling of UDP traffic by internet providers
  • all user text inputs, file, date picker, radio, checkbox, and select controls are replaced with a new more responsive and polished version
  • all notifications are streamlined into one generic API which handles notifications better, device activity and message priority for each device
  • new design for all dropdown menus
  • search autocomplete widget is now replaced with a more performant and polished version
  • redesigned the way the channel calls are initiated and answered - direct actions are visible when answering/initiating a call
  • simplify voice calls and add a spectator mode
  • automatically join in conference mode when joining the call


  • fix Cpanel database name and username generation using the provided API by Cpanel
  • fix malformed card error handling
  • use psutil available memory function for checking available memory instead of "free"
  • deprecate db repair CLI tool in favor of the new migration system
  • remove redis retry checking system for long-running tasks to reduce the complexity of internal API calls
  • remove "needs restart messages" and restart the software automatically if the configurations change rather than instructing the user to perform the restart
  • remove useless warnings in installer
  • certbot renewals are more intelligent on when to reboot webserver
  • remove unused hooks

2019-12-25 (v0.4.8)

  • improve native push notifications for Android/iOS
  • improve the password handling by CrossBox MailProxify (IMAP proxy)
  • allow richer email signatures and 19 new templates to pick from
  • fixed some iOS app build problems
  • upgrade of all UI libraries
  • fix for iOS app WebRTC deprecation
  • optimize max open files limits for all CrossBox processes by default
  • increase UWSGI process pool and max number of requests per worker
  • preserve open/closed state locally when opening side nav on desktop 
  • implemented mail folder search feature
  • improved displaying of mail folders with large mail folder structures
  • added the ability to switch time format from 24h to am/pm, available in user settings under "Account" section

2019-11-29 (v0.4.7)

  • change the password generator to include special chars to conform to Plesk strong password specs
  • fix the problem with GET query string being too large for some contact lookups
  • use 30-40% of the server RAM for MySQL on the standalone version
  • white-label "alt" attribute on <img> tag in cPanel webmail
  • correct sync stage post installation
  • set a branded name (white-label) for User-Agent header when sending an e-mail
  • improvements in the e-mail importer queue

2019-10-18 (v0.4.6)

  • improve IMAP inbox diffing
  • include x-ham-report header for spam indicator
  • add in-app password change support for DirectAdmin
  • sync DirectAdmin accounts periodically (as a fallback mechanism) rather than only on DA event
  • added tolerance for network unavailability false-positives for master-><-slave communication in CrossBox clusters
  • implemented a feature to allow users to disable IP detection 
  • make text selectable in some lists

2019-09-25 (v0.4.5)

  • add "trusted link" service, allows all hot-linked images to be proxied which protects user's privacy and enforces SSL
  • CrossBox anti-spam service which adds support for SpamAssassin learning. Additionally, scans messages with rspamd if there is no anti-spam service on the server
  • give scan status indicator in form of a shield icon, green = scanned ok, red = scanned, found spam, yellow = did not scan the message
  • add Play and App Store links to the login screen if you configure them
  • improve DirectAdmin integration - some cases where you add a new domain, the sync system does not register the change
  • add landing page: you can now specify which module to load after logging in / booting up the application
  • improve mail processor parsing performance and memory usage
  • minor GUI fixes
  • expand folders by default in situations where folder structure is nested

2019-09-16 (v0.4.4)

  • minor iOS fixes
  • fixes the issue when cPanel change password command fails because the command expects lowercased e-mail username
  • fix small CSS issues


  • fix for the toolbar going over editor in some cases
  • Reduce Android APK size
  • Online Apps Builder released


hotfix for insert image bug


exim CVE patch

2019-08-25  (v0.4.3)

  • fix issues with MySQL connections that drop too early (MySQL config)
  • improve the reliability of database creation - attempt to repair user's database automatically if migration error happens
  • fix enqueued task queue tasks (fixes issues with chat not sending push notifications)
  • fix task queue retry logic
  • improve throttle logic
  • fix push notification avatar not being shown correctly
  • fix the issue if the hostname of the master is entered in branding configurations
  • prepare everything for automatic builds for ios/androids apps - providers with branding should configure their FCM Sender ID and private key in their server settings
  • fixed an issue in the installer not resolving license detail for specific situations
  • do not request mail syncing and wait when creating a folder, rather perform folder sync only
  • add Serbian and Croatian languages
  • allow feedback to be submitted by anonymous users e.g. cases where the user has a problem logging in. 2 tickets per day allowed per master server.
  • disallow master hostname to be entered as branding hostname
  • cleanup user data should not consume too many resources when handling thousands of files in the scan sequence
  • rewrite mail compose editor for more performance and ease of use
  • add native support for sharing a file from crossbox and into crossbox (IOS and Android apps)
  • when right-clicking the list it selects it for more visual cues
  • dragging files and dropping them around is easier (it will no longer open a file in the browser if you miss the drop zones)
  • add the ability to preview files natively from crossbox files (IOS and Android apps)
  • show message when you are logging in
  • fixed an issue where when reloading dashboard it will not refresh items in postflight query
  • fixed contact hover tooltip - before it always removed the tooltip from the view on hover-away but in patch deployed 4 months ago it stopped that behavior
  • allow TLS on CrossBox MailProxify - before 587 port did not offer TLS
  • improve cases where when adding a slave server you might make a mistake by pasting the slave installation URL into the browser instead of "Add slave" input

2019-08-12  (v0.4.2)

  • small GUI fix
  • db creation err when granting resources and there is no host/username combination (cPanel)
  • fix endpoint


fixes for new license model


fixes and improvements


  • non-threaded view also sends messages to "SENT" folder
  • minor fixes


  • stability and some GUI improvements
  • move to async for mails

2019-07-15  (v0.4.1)


  • mails that break RFC email address length
  • syncing errors on malformed dates
  • logout all users if IMAP credentials are no longer incorrect (mostly cPanel session autologin issue)


  • add crossbox repair db command
  • some minor fixes


  • remove old indexes
  • fix remaining utf8 errors and add full-text search for most of the search calls


  • fix issues with MySQL storage restrictions
  • adjust logic for MySQL username generation across all panels


  • fix migrate database script in environments where there are over 200 databases in use by CrossBox
  • add more verbosity to run migrations
  • add netstat as a portable dependency and re-run migrations


  • reduce Android APK size
  • branding page for building apps will be available for public use

2019-08-02  (v0.4.0)

v0.4.0 marks start of billing starting the 5th of august


  • remove old indexes
  • fix encoding issues
  • fix remaining utf8 errors and add full-text search for most of the search calls

2019-07-10  (v0.3.9)

v0.3.9 is a special release which delivers deep integration with Direct Admin.

CrossBox now officially has seamless integration with 3 major control panels: cPanel, Plesk, and now: DirectAdmin.

2019-07-03 (v0.3.8)

v0.3.8 brings many new features and fixes:


  • white and dark themes added
  • improve the layout of the mail editor (composer)
  • add what's new in this update dialog
  • add support for contacts
  • drag and drop emails to mail folder
  • make push notifications configuration more clear
  • undo action button lets you reverse the action you took by mistake
  • horizontal split mode for viewing mail added
  • split views (both vertical and horizontal) can now be resized by users
  • added send feedback feature (white-labeled for the branding addon owners)
  • improve the experience with toasts
  • side nav has been rewritten for faster rendering and better navigation
  • side navigation can now be minimized into a "mini drawer", which gives more space on a laptops
  • dark mode toggling is now more understandable
  • online/offline state presence updating is now more precise
  • improved the experience for loading mails
  • faster loading time with preflight queries (utilizes browser caching)
  • improve fab dialers for a better experience
  • add filter by letter for contacts
  • IP change notification added under the settings/security
  • The system will now send you a notification if a new IP is detected to be using your account
  • change coloring for unseen/need attention list items
  • fix for chips where it sometimes incorrectly showed selected contacts
  • do not show the avatar of yourself in channels, rather of people that are not you
  • better search also for contacts in chips
  • fix editor list (ul/li) issue
  • improve list separators (make them less intrusive)
  • improve digest queue for internal rendering
  • make toasts in some cases for notifications more intelligent
  • fix some minor issues with lists in general
  • when viewing a mail thread/message it is now possible to use next/prev buttons regardless of location
  • push notification request will no longer be shown until you want to set up your account
  • chat participants are now visible only when you tap on the toolbar where it shows the number of participants
  • dashboard items will now render faster and no longer flicker when re-rendering
  • when sharing a file remotely, it will show the name of the person sharing the files
  • branding profiles now allow setting custom system name


  • now all emails are synced and stored to MySQL (no attachments, text only)
  • the mail search is now much faster and doesn't depend on the speed of an IMAP server
  • max number of messages synced per folder is 50 000
  • upgrade of all system libraries
  • fixed some issues with folder removal and updates
  • migrate heavy lifting of task queue to uwsgi
  • fix the rare issue where the mime headers of the message are broken (extra space was added)
  • correct rspamd execution permissions
  • fix chat thread sorting in some cases
  • better search for chat messages
  • added support to connect CrossBox server to a remote MySQL
  • force master to be 80/443 port when installing
  • smooth out attachment saving and fix the performance problem when autosaving a draft with many attachments

2019-02-11 (v0.3.7)

The v0.3.7 version brings first release candidate (RC) and CrossBox is officially no longer in beta.

Here is the changelog:


  • CrossBox now fully supports cPanel's mail only server profile


  • all resellers now have control to brand their own CrossBox (reseller's customers also) simply by logging in into CrossBox with admin account: (and for domain admins)
  • root admins can manage branding records as well
  • branding also allows having custom SMTP/IMAP/POP3 hostname
  • who has branding is controlled by a service provider (through feature manager - it is enabled by default upon receiving this update)
  • welcome emails for newly created e-mails are also branded


  • completely redesigned and now you log in as you normally would via CrossBox login screen using your root admin e-mail address (you can view that by running command "crossbox info")
  • admin has all the previous features, but much more user-friendly and simpler to use
  • fixed some issues deleting users
  • the old admin area is no longer useable


  • faster installation (reduced download .tar.gz size from 2.5GB to 700MB)
  • incorporated CrossBox UI into installer - now installer is a part of CrossBox


  • ability to preview attachments when composing
  • automatically detect if the e-mail cannot be seen on dark mode, and automatically add the white background
  • fix regression: zoom out when the e-mail is too large
  • fix the issue when composing e-mail/drafting: email not appearing on the list or in view
  • fix the issue where attachments on the list sometimes do not appear
  • improve the thread chunking algorithm
  • improve the rendering performance of the mail list
  • added "Max emails per hour" and "Queued" indicators below the disk quota indicator (shown only on cPanel servers)


  • improve some glitches on "recent" page
  • improve the rendering performance of the list


  • fixed some issues with channel list not sorting when new messages arrive
  • the "New message" flag sometimes did not go away even though you read the channel
  • improved rendering of the online and channel lists


  • it showed wrong counter (did not exclude junk mail count)


  • fixed issue when deleting contact record in some cases
  • sorting of the contacts was sometimes inconsistent
  • faster list rendering


  • fixed the issue with playing audio files


  • redesigned the behavior of toast, it will now queue messages (and show up to three on a desktop and one on mobile) and it's now centered instead of a bottom right corner
  • the animation is now more fluid


  • after redirection from cPanel autologin - it will now show the progress of account creation if any (before it just showed loader)


  • fixed an issue with some SMTPs passing additional params to FROM command and in turn SMTP Proxify rejecting such commands


  • add alternative ways to reset a password (cPanel, Plesk, standalone)
  • via the alternative e-mail address
  • by answering secret questions
  • by entering the correct 2FA code


  • "crossbox status" command now yields more useful information
  • "crossbox restart|stop|start" now works more efficiently


  • we are now using single WebSocket connection for N number of currently connected accounts, therefore allowing you to be logged into as many accounts as you want (before the limit was browser's WebSocket implementation (5))
  • improve XHR requests when loading initially (allow bursts)
  • fix IMAP connection pooling (semaphore was incorrectly acquired)
  • new service: mail parser - improves e-mail loading speed 5-10 times in some cases
  • UWSGI processes are now using a maximum of 2 IMAP connections per account at most, additionally, IMAP connection will be cleared after 5 minutes of inactivity (unless server clears it before that)
  • UWSGI worker count will no longer exceed 2 workers (num of CPUs = number of workers; is no longer the case, as the CrossBox can handle 100 concurrent users on a single worker using 1vCPU)
  • reverted back window resize on Android devices since it causes problems for chat view
  • fabs are now more noticeable - they will briefly show the name of the action
  • upgraded all third-party libraries that ship with CrossBox
  • improved startup/shutdown time for all CrossBox services
  • improved accidental dangling processes (better PID file management)
  • internal services now use HTTP connection pool for better performance instead of shutting down connections after RPC is done
  • it will monitor all CrossBox services and processes.
  • will automatically handle misbehaving processes and try to repair them

2018-08-03 (v0.3.6)

The v0.3.6 version marks a last pre-public beta release. Smaller fixes and improvements will continue to be pushed until we announce the CrossBox public beta availability.


  • avoid 401 session errors when using multiple accounts at the same time
  • improved files sorting within UI 
  • sort e-mails properly when not appended to the mailbox in a correct order 
  • CrossBox Document Converter behavior in specific cases fixed 
  • mail filters were not firing if the IMAP RECENT flag was removed by the mail server
  • several memory leaks in the frontend that were caused by some third party libraries 
  • more aggressive javascript object garbage collection for the UI (CrossBox client now uses even less RAM)
  • fixes some files previewer glitches 
  • upgraded 3rd party libraries for both frontend and backend 
  • minor glitches with mail drafts - when composing mail outside of mail context 
  • fixed rendering lag when opening a keyboard on android phones 
  • chat last message glitch in the side nav 
  • rendering bug when chatting in a remotely invited channel 
  • rendering bug when messing around with minimize/maximize rapidly 
  • PDF preview on tablet devices activated
  • prevent the binding of new listeners on a destroyed scope 
  • translations are now dynamically loaded and on demand 
  • fixed a bug when e-mail participants were not added to contacts when forwarding an e-mail 
  • fixed an email seen state race condition 
  • do not mark invalid dmarc/dkim keys if the server does not detect them or in a case of a local e-mail delivery 
  • opening files previewer in the files list will automatically focus the file on the list 
  • the wrong word for mark all as seen on notifications


  • the brand new dashboard, an overview for your files, emails, chats, notifications, contacts, and reminders
  • file upload box in the dashboard which allows file(s) drops and quick file sharing
  • ability to share as many files as you want via a bulk operation (before the limit was 10)
  • separate trash for files into side nav, and make it simpler to use
  • improve recent files: differentiate what is private, what belongs to the company and what is public
  • when using multi-user, show the notifications for other logged in users for easier use
  • on each CrossBox update send a notification to the admin e-mail address of the updated server
  • improve search for emails for an easier use
  • simplify mail trashing process
  • add a quick preview of attachments in mail lists
  • improve WYSIWYG editor: add more actions and other minor fixes
  • improve dark mode: the config is now global across all users: but per device 
  • new loading animation
  • import cPanel RoundCube contacts to CrossBox (useful for users migrating away from Roundcube) run command: crossbox extra migrate-roundcube-contacts
  • improve password hashing
  • show "NEW" indicator for emails that arrive with a RECENT flag
  • add frontend bug tracking: we will be more aware of errors that occur within the browser, allowing us to fix them faster
  • CDN for the CrossBox Installer: faster download of CrossBox installation and updates
  • improved performance of the update process
  • make chat channels open by default when navigating to chat
  • quick contact view for tooltips
  • when searching emails or chat messages highlight the searched keyword for easier finding
  • remove deprecated SQLite API
  • when logging for UI is enabled, do not write too many logs into the console, keep max 100 items
  • improve mail draft title
  • improve file folder selection for upload/move/copy
  • better navigation for files, now breadcrumbs show the correct context of directory navigation
  • improve progress checking for first account setup - on some installations, it showed an error while actually, the setup was a success

2018-07-14 00:13:38 (v0.3.0 to v0.3.5)

  • prevent emails that are too large from rendering

2018-07-13 12:44:11

  • upgrade several libraries

2018-07-12 23:18:44

  • fixes a problem where if the image is corrupted it will show 500 internal when displaying a thumbnail,
  • some small fixes

2018-07-12 20:09:42

  • improve sharing directly from an e-mail attachment
  • small fixes

2018-07-12 17:04:25

  • fix save to simplefs

2018-07-12 16:21:02

  • fix uwsgi Unix socket path constant

2018-07-12 13:36:30


  • recipient send notification
  • general UI fixes


  • quick add/view contact on profile pic hover


  • a more secure environment for internal processes, run third-party services under their own users
  • note: if the server does not upgrade properly, run: crossbox chmod and then crossbox restart

2018-07-07 18:39:29

  • collect static files for settings area - for new languages selection

2018-07-07 17:24:15

  • fix initial language loading in UI if the language is not English

2018-07-07 16:50:41

  • fixes reload_config bug

2018-07-06 21:45:31

  • fixes document converter for servers where runuser command does not work properly

2018-07-06 16:16:46

  • fix redis crash for servers where runuser command does not work

2018-07-06 15:02:36

  • Belarus lang file fix


  • over 20 machine-translated languages available for improvement
  • providers who wish to contribute, please e-mail us before doing any translations
  • improved update system - more efficient IO
  • fixed some quirks in e-mail lists and read-only / write modes in IMAP
  • the installer now checks for ram usage - if your server does not have enough ram, the installation will not proceed unless you add swap or disable features that require too much ram


  • standalone: upgrade rspamd to 1.7.7, dovecot 2.3.2


  • e-mail notifications about app health/updates
  • this will be dispatched to the e-mail address that you entered in the installer
  • 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 release will mark the public beta stage

2018-07-04 20:33:00

  • adds the third fallback to cPanel login when the login is performed by default e-mail account

2018-07-04 19:16:28

  • add more verbosity to sync

2018-07-04 15:50:11

  • fixes cases when a user tries to autologin to the default e-mail address in cPanel - an incorrect value was being passed to the IMAP server

2018-07-04 13:01:44


  • syncing system
  • make the interfacing between master and slaves more simple and reliable
  • task queue API

general improvements:

  • allow buffered tasks in the task queue
  • improve the processing of stale tasks
  • disallow push API failures if the device was de-registered


  • bcc header
  • clicking on the new email in the already opened thread should trigger mark as read
  • other small details


  • beta testers who encountered issues with their new domains added to the system, run: crossbox sync-all to fix the problem


  • we are improving localization
  • more languages will be added
  • the ability for the beta testers to contribute the translations

2018-07-02 16:22:17

  • improve Cpanel logging and some refactoring

2018-07-02 11:05:47

  • improve Cpanel account/domain syncing

2018-07-01 21:51:25


  • internal API non-blocking call causes a runtime error
  • ignore push notification failure in tasks


  • command: crossbox changelog - shows the latest update messages


  • minor GUI fixes

2018-07-01 11:27:05


  • cPanel user login for default e-mail addresses

2018-06-30 23:56:05


  • fix regression where you can't delete the user from the admin area
  • optimize mail list reloading
  • dark mode when selecting icons from lists
  • task failure when sending a systemic chat message

2018-06-30 20:26:39


  • environment variable problem after installation
  • when creating folders on Cpanel servers, automatically prepopulate parent folder as INBOX instead of "No parent"
  • request preflight check for WebSocket should not be applied when viewing shared link

2018-06-29 22:01:09

  • slaves should ping as well

2018-06-28 17:10:28

  • fixes audio player and improvements

2018-06-27 23:40:48

  • [panel] fix: Plesk API improvement
  • [internal] feature: selective restarts - ability to restart specific platforms e.g. if the fix was only meant for cPanel servers, the update will only restart those servers

2018-06-27 18:52:35

  • new feature: dark mode
  • and general fixes that were reported by the log

2018-06-25 22:04:29

  • fixed some CSF rules
  • fixes contact delete picture bug
  • other small fixes

2018-06-25 14:37:31

  • fixes the is_mariadb() flag that caused a login failure

2018-06-25 13:00:41

  • fixes the problem with Cpanel database prefixes and inability to select SSL certificate from the selection box

2018-06-25 10:09:51

Fixes for different parts of the system and new features:

  • dropped the need for WebSocket port, now the WebSocket works under one port
  • new command: "crossbox info" that outputs general information about the crossbox installation
  • various improvements to the crossbox installer - simplified some parts of the UI for easier installation
  • fixed the problem with syncing command where duplicate domains exist in one namespace
  • more verbosity in commands
  • minor GUI fixes

2018-06-22 20:56:04


  • the problem with "header not iterable" error when viewing e-mails
  • some internal changes

2018-06-22 09:04:28


  • installer toggle buttons for mail integration step
  • SSL selection error on the installer


  • more verbose logging for CDC service

2018-06-21 18:49:49

  • fixes the change password problem, and request receipt on email

2018-06-21 16:43:58

  • fixes the Redis problem

2018-06-20 12:57:08

  • Docker process list fix

2018-06-19 22:39:46

  • fix for pdf thumbnail

2018-06-19 18:21:34

  • fixes for 0.3 licensing before release

2018-05-31 21:53:36 (v0.3.0)

  • initial release
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