CrossBox Changelog

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2024 Pending major release (v0.8.5)

  • Unified Inbox (similar to Gmail's "All mail"): Inbox One displays emails from all logged-in accounts in a cohesive and organized manner.
  • Customizable Shortcuts: Total Commander now allows users to define personalized keyboard shortcuts for seamless navigation and quick execution of actions.
  • AI Assistant Integration: Chat and share files with the AI Assistant, a virtual assistant that assists you in various tasks.
  • AI-assisted Email Replies: Utilize the AI Assistant to compose thoughtful and accurate email responses on your behalf.
  • Email Summarization by AI Assistant: Let the AI Assistant provide concise summaries of lengthy emails, saving you time and effort.
  • Grammar Correction by AI Assistant: Rely on the AI Assistant to identify and rectify grammar errors in your emails.
  • Improved Email Wording by AI Assistant: Allow the AI Assistant to suggest improvements for the phrasing and wording of your emails.
  • Email Discussion with AI Assistant: Engage in discussions with the AI Assistant regarding the content of your emails, gaining valuable insights and suggestions.
  • Real-time Collaboration on Email Drafts: Collaborate with team members in real-time by sharing and editing email drafts together.
  • Sharing Email/Folders/Accounts: Share individual emails, entire folders, or even complete email accounts with your team members.
  • Enhanced Compose Window: Experience a revamped and user-friendly email composition interface for seamless drafting.
  • Docked Email Compose Dialog: Enjoy the convenience of a docked email compose dialog for effortless multitasking.
  • Blocked Email Assets Viewer: Identify and unblock blocked email assets, such as images or trackers, with ease using the dedicated viewer.
  • Oauth 2.0 Integration: Log in or import from external accounts supporting Oauth as the authentication mechanism.
  • Numerous Improvements and Bug Fixes: Benefit from a range of other enhancements and small bug fixes for an optimized email experience.
  • Stay tuned for the release!

2022-11-15 - 2023-12-31 Maintenance releases (v0.8.1-0.8.4)

  • Between each major release we push bug fixes and small improvements

2022-11-15 (v0.8)

  • Replace JSON encoding library with a more stable and faster one
  • Upgrade CrossOffice to the latest major version
  • Add template system to CrossOffice
  • Add mail folder subscribe unsubscribe
  • Improve mail importer by allowing the ability to set which folders to import before starting importing
  • Add disconnect repository blocklist for spammy links and tracking pixels
  • Add dynamic upgrade system for nextcloud 20-24 upgrade path
  • Fix filename attachment for mail attachment download
  • Fix IMAP idle for static remote IMAP hostnames

2022-10-11 (v0.7.9)

  • Fix folder close bug
  • Add manual domain resolution on the master mail proxy
  • Add "always save to sent folder" checkbox where each mail that is sent is copied to the sent folder as well, regardless of whether threading is enabled or not
  • Fix Bcc: not being shown in the schedule send
  • Fix Gmail "all folder" syncing
  • Fix a bug where having mixed local and remote IMAP servers would break lookups for other slaves
  • Fix a bug whereby accessing app connector app via an external link, if the app is inactive it would throw 502 while it should attempt to start it if it was set up properly by the user the first time

2022-09-07 (v0.7.8)

  • Fix remote IMAP "none" encryption selection it should not try starttls
  • Fix DNS lookup for resolving slave server for CrossBox cloud apps it should always give priority to SRV record rather than MX record
  • Fix the Mattermost account user setup for the newer version
  • Fix system name change bug
  • Fix homedir file permissions not being correctly set in specific situations
  • Add the ability to replace incoming and outgoing hostnames for the Plesk email info dialog by adding a special flag to
  • Fix cPanel "has feature" API bug

2022-08-03 (v0.7.7)

  • Add change password support for Plesk
  • Improve performance of root manager checking for process lists by reducing the number of syscalls
  • Detect IP change for the master server
  • Upgrade Mattermost to the most recent version 7.4
  • Upgrade Roundcube
  • Fix SMTP exim shim internal timeout issue
  • Fix master proxy server config syncing to slaves

2022-07-21 (v0.7.6)

  • Fix CrossOffice sharing bug
  • Add file-rich text editor
  • Add document system to files, ability to create spreadsheets, documents, etc through the CrossOffice
  • Add an "edit" button for all editable files by CrossOffice
  • Fix certbot cron
  • Wait for the db connection before running certain workers
  • Fix the "is process dead" check sometimes it would stack up errors

2022-06-01 (v0.7.5)

  • Fix DNS bug with localhost resolution
  • Fix sorting bug with Gmail folders and folder navigation
  • Fix a bug with the Smartermail mail server with message flags and the ability to search utf8 literals
  • Add automatic config recovery if the config is corrupted (power outages etc)
  • Fix SMTP error codes on mail proxy to mirror exim error codes
  • Properly pass the ipv6 IP address
  • Add "force reissue license" cli command

2022-05-17 (v0.7.4)

  • Improve the "move" CLI command
  • Fix company resolution in python runtime endpoints
  • Add redirect when accessing http:// instead of https:// on non standard http ports 80/443
  • Add CrossOffice icon to panels
  • Add /etc/crossbox_public_ip_address for setups that have hidden IP addresses through various network setups
  • Add support for the new DirectAdmin template JSON structure
  • Add support for cPanel wildcard resolution

2022-04-22 (v0.7.3)

  • Add support for more advanced Plesk password generation
  • Fix user-level file permissions for cPanel
  • Fix the download path redirection issue when "proxy slaves through master" is enabled
  • Redesign the dashboard to be customizable, draggable, sortable, etc
  • Reorganize user settings pages into a simpler layout
  • Fix the previewer loading bug for a specific file type
  • Automatically adjust the styling of the email when in dark mode for readability

2022-03-17 (v0.7.2)

  • Automatically adjust the padding of the email for cleaner readability
  • Add edit actions for all CrossOffice editable files
  • Add zoom ability for images in emails via previewer
  • Fix the sent folder "from" name in the list
  • Add the ability to tag notes
  • Add the ability to customize which categories you want to block for links
  • Move the volume button into settings instead of the side nav

2022-02-08 (v0.7.1)

  • Add instructions on how to configure CrossBox cloud if unable to log in via our CrossBox autodetect functionality
  • Improve presence check and check for WebSocket crash/timeout more efficiently
  • View blocked images details in an email
  • Show email size in bytes in the detail view
  • Reorganize dropdown menus for the mail module to be consistent in all views
  • Add pull to refresh for all lists
  • When pasting an email list of an RFC-compatible format, it will be recognized and parsed into to: bcc: cc: fields

2022-01-19 (v0.7.0)

  • added Notes module, ability to share, collaborate and create various types of note formats directly from CrossBox
  • added CrossOffice/office support to the files module, all eligible file types are now possible to edit directly from the browser
  • add "move" command, you can now move CrossBox instance between cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or standalone servers - you must migrate user home dirs by using panel respective migration tools
  • fix the issue with local storage not differentiating in certain contexts
  • dark mode switch fix to persist through temporary logins
  • fix maximize/fullscreen bug that appears in default maximized activities
  • fix special characters being double HTML entity escaped for folder name
  • fix scope apply in cases when the digest is running
  • add sided mail reply, ability to view the email you are replying to when composing the email
  • add the ability to automatically maximize mail reply activity by default
  • fix error message if logged in as root admin when accessing mail module
  • add mail parse cache
  • add tag system (for notes in this release, planned for mail and other modules)
  • fix mail custom filter condition being disabled in some cases
  • add the ability to clear all notifications (delete)
  • add the ability to set view or edit permissions for a file (used by CrossOffice)

2021-11-03 (v0.6.9)

  • dump heap stats before the shutdown for better memory profiling
  • drop support for Plesk firewall API, because doesn't work correctly
  • rewrite CDC to use new CrossOffice API (faster)
  • fix user delete folder delete order
  • collect local cache statistics

2021-09-22 (v0.6.8)

  • fix header cache for static files
  • fix matter most failed login attempts bug
  • add "CrossOffice" to feature manager
  • fix file read/write race when decoding JSON
  • fix error not being passed to the app connector in certain cases which results in forever loading screen, while in fact, the error occurred
  • optimize process manager examination of each process (minimize the number of syscalls)
  • improve certbot renewal process for branded domains
  • force DNS resolution through golang DNS resolver with custom DNS addresses
  • fix sorting of the email folders (A-Z sorting)
  • close idle HTTP connections every 10 minutes
  • ship mime type list because some os's do not have the common mime-types.conf
  • fix bugs with the comparison of common headers uppercase/lowercase

2021-08-09 (v0.6.7)

  • add cram-md5 authentication support when logging into remote servers
  • improve process manager process information with proper locking
  • add process manager process info timeouts (on some operating systems, namely Cloudlinux these system calls can lock up for no reason)
  • the system will now utilize free ram more loosely, primarily on the larger systems where free memory is in tens of gigabytes
  • when main services are being shut down, they will force the system to pause all services and try to finish crucial data operations before exit with a reasonable deadline
  • upgrade all third-party libraries and software, nextcloud is now v20 (we'll be upgrading to 22 in upcoming updates), matter most 6.3.x 

2021-06-11 (v0.6.6)

  • fix vCard import id uniqueness
  • fix my.cnf quoting on cPanel due to the fact of improper formatting of their conf file
  • try to guess mysql.sock better when installing
  • fix Plesk plugin system name change
  • fix autodiscover xml bug
  • fix a bug where DirectAdmin admin API port is sometimes non SSL by config
  • fix a bug where some Plesk domains are not listed correctly by their user's username
  • fix a bug where an account with nonexistent configuration can cause constant send out of the "Branding changed" notifications
  • fix chown/chmod service not correctly setting file permissions for quota counting on DirectAdmin, Plesk and cPanel
  • fix 2step backup code length bug
  • fix app connector bug when initializing roundcube, due to the unordered dictonary loop the initial migration sometimes fails



2021-04-07 (v0.6.5)

  • add the ability to sort folders hierarchically or use different sorting algorithms provided by the server
  • add "delete notifications", it will erase all notifications from the account
  • add all IMAP status codes to ensure that errors when displayed show more information for the user
  • add /ping-ws endpoint to explicitly ping nginx webserver for health checks
  • correct HTTP error handler to display more information for unhandled errors instead of just saying internal error when clicking on error details
  • add anti-bounce recursion when using mail forwarding, additionally, mail forwarder won't forward messages with the same id once they are sent out
  • correct global SMTP config for Plesk having only 465 instead of both 465/587 ports
  • add CSF pignore support
  • fix a bug with schedule send returning "draft not found" error in specific situations
  • fix SASL auth when authenticating remote SMTP/IMAP users
  • fix MailProxify SSL chains being loaded incorrectly when a new certificate is issued
  • fix a small error with port logic when adding an external account
  • send user config change events to avoid race conditions between opened browser tabs/windows
  • display error text for the bounced messages instead of just showing the bounced message content
  • fix a cPanel plugin bug where the cPanel API returns string instead of an array if you are logged in as a reseller when fetching domain list
  • fix Plesk "webmail" action not being executed when opening in "webmail" page

2021-03-28 (v0.6.4)

  • add external email support (connect any external IMAP/SMTP combination to your accounts)
  • external mail support feature can be disabled if needed
  • add auto email folder purge (auto-sweep)
  • add a generic mobile app for all CrossBox users (Android, iOS) - these apps can be used by users whose service provider didn't build their own apps
  • automatically detect IMAP capability and sync folders/messages to the database if IMAP is incapable of being used without syncing
  • add password strength indicator when changing password through CrossBox
  • add email domain detection (IMAP/cluster indicator)
  • add whats new menu item: shows what's new in the latest version

2021-03-05 (v0.6.3)

  • optimize some queries
  • optimize the way new email notification works: it should pre-cache the email before sending it out as a notification
  • add user delete settings page: users can now delete all CrossBox related data if needed (GDPR compliance)
  • apps page in settings: users can now always get the apps using this page
  • whats new settings page: users can always look back on what's new
  • show server error message in the error details
  • add different types of SASL logins for SMTP client
  • simplify some webserver config location rules
  • fix issues on iOS with the camera/mic not working in some cases
  • ask Android permissions only when starting an action that requires the permission, rather than when starting the app
  • various small fixes and improvements

2021-02-22 (v0.6.2)

  • add Bitninja support
  • add Plesk firewall API support
  • add iptables firewall rules
  • all firewall integrations will automatically whitelist needed ports, and slave server IPs in case of a cluster
  • add Play and App store buttons to cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk plugins
  • fix chmod and path issue for App Connector
  • multi-master support: have high availability and load-balancing of the master server by adding multiple master servers into the cluster
  • rewrite branding static files resolution
  • allow service providers to build native iOS/Android apps for resellers/customers
  • automatically create Archive folder if it doesn't exist when executing archive action
  • fix character encoding issue for passwords going over MailProxify
  • port the master login endpoint to Golang, deprecate the v1 (python)
  • do not use DirectAdmin API to list domains, use crossbox API as it's more reliable in the app listing pages in the DirectAdmin
  • switch the platform updates to use geo-distributed update servers
  • Fix App Connector to properly resolve paths after a system name change
  • fix a small bug with the updater not waking up the Rootmanager
  • detect mail folder separator manually for each panel

2021-01-14 (v0.6.1)

  • fix the issue with system name resolution by domain name only to avoid confusion between hostname resolution and per domain branding profiles
  • automatically handle go errors when calling go services from python code
  • fix file encoding issue in python config reconfigure
  • new cli command: crossbox user logout will log out all users in the cluster
  • fix file permission issue with nginx error pages for branded profiles
  • fix an issue with the logo not being copied when forcefully reloading plugin metadata for cPanel
  • fix python crypt module crash
  • fix Plesk deregister function to call when changing a system name (idempotency)
  • fix an issue with installer conflict when using the same slave installation code command
  • fix homedir resolution with DirectAdmin
  • remove database based domain resolution (syncing to master server had performance issues when there are too many domains involved) now domains are synced in milliseconds rather than seconds between master<-slave
  • fix the issue where when turning off a feature for the user, it should be reflected in the UI
  • move leftover python code of the updater to go into a separate process to allow better stability of the processes when updates take place
  • silence a lot of false-positive errors
  • refactor some internal API calls into a more generic package so it can be leveraged by other modules
  • fix chmod command not properly modding files after an update, leaving certain files unreadable by underprivileged processes
  • move certbot into go worker and run once every 12 hours for renewals (needed for installations having 100+ branding profiles)
  • use absolute paths instead of symlinks due to Nextcloud not allowing symlinks in paths for storage for example
  • fix password encoding issue
  • fix an issue with mail drafts not getting previewed if they are re-uploaded due to browser cache
  • fix 404 draft attachment preview when using a database as storage
  • reduce most of the log verbosity to debug mode only
  • fix weird loading animation with Nextcloud by adding a blank "" to every user folder
  • fix ensure user directory action where the targeted folder would not have been created properly
  • infrastructure: improve server outage status pages (error rates, uptime, etc)
  • OpenSSL config path for php fix for distros running OpenSSL 1.1.x
  • fix multi-domain redis start issue - starting multiple redis instances from the same Linux account caused confusion in the process management list of not differentiating which process is running or not
  • fix write on the closed channel in exim communication API call (did not affect any customers, it just logged crashes in the log)
  • add semaphore to disallow exim process DOS
  • fix feedback loop within MailProxify port 25/2525
  • fix insignificant memory leak in resource watcher
  • fix Nextcloud cookie issue on ios/android
  • fix Certbot certificate permission issue
  • when log gets rollovered, also swap the stderr FD with the new FD
  • UI: fix small bugs in UI reported by log
  • UI: remove "all domains" from admin as we no longer sync domains into the database

2020-12-29 (v0.6.0)

  • since 0.6.0 crossbox no longer supports centos 6 and libc 2.12 - crossbox now officially supports libc 2.17+ platforms
  • custom web server error pages + branding support
  • fix the MySQL 8 compatibility issues, and use utf8mb4 exclusively for newer MySQL versions automatically
  • improve error messages translations and descriptions and cover most of the errors with custom error codes for better debugging and information to the end-user
  • silence 404, incorrect pw, domain not found, unrouteable domain, bad input, and IMAP auth errors from the log
  • improve IO operations throughout, add atomic support where possible using syscall rename
  • whitelist cluster IP addresses
  • port most of the core system functionality from python to go
  • fix short byte string error when decrypting
  • interpret attachments as inline as well if they have content-id and are referenced in message body HTML
  • app connector: a new feature that allows provisioning and management of various open-source applications directly from CrossBox using built panel operations + other deep integrations for panels: DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, etc
  • app connector: autologin for cPanel for all apps
  • app connector: automatically handle provisioning of each app trough cPanel/Plesk feature manager
  • app connector: allow usage of single hostname for all apps + branding support having your own for example
  • app connector: automatic process management, and idle check process

2020-12-01 (v0.5.9)

  • fix some race conditions in the go task execution service
  • automatically sync master server config for the entire cluster pull method instead of push (dramatically improves reliability)
  • rewrite the process management system into go (support for disabling, stop, reload operations) and open many new possibilities (app connector)
  • internal status check for cluster interconnectivity and discovery - automatic detection of IP change/hostname per slave (no longer needed to take action when you change your server IP or hostname, cluster will automatically discover the node changes)
  • option to automatically handle hostname and IP changes for an installation instance
  • fix OPTIONS request for iOS iPad and other devices that issued OPTIONS request even there's no cross-domain traffic
  • do not mix collation types for fields for newer MySQL versions as they support larger index lengths on utf8mb4
  • switch file downloads from python to go

2020-11-20 (v0.5.8)

  • automatically log out users if the IMAP authentication is no longer valid instead of giving 500 internals
  • add support for remote SMTP/IMAP server configuration, and allow auto-user-creation if the remote user exists on that IMAP server
  • add support for iCal and other similar file formats in the mail and automatically turn them into appropriate views
  • fix an issue where when on non-threaded view mode the messages will be marked as seen even if you didn't open them
  • mailProxify: add support for port 25/2525 - now all your slaves can accept messages and deliver them to underlying users (MX record should be adjusted per domain and you must enable this feature inside your mail settings page)
  • mailProxify: add support for automatic acceptance of the message even if the slave server is down, messages will be delivered when the slave server wakes up
  • fix an issue where if you enable database message syncing, the search by message-id would yield zero results - this caused some message drafts to not properly show attachment thumbnails
  • improve the reliability of intercommunication of the cluster nodes and overall standardization of all APIs trough a single programmatic interface
  • fix the zip encoding for the chrome extension

2020-11-10 (v0.5.7)

  • allow changing of virtually all settings post-install - this was previously not the case
  • changing system now will gradually change the system name paths for all affected users, additionally adding the branding for a specific domain will automatically also force the users of that branding profile to use a new system name
  • implement feature check correctly for Plesk and cPanel
  • system will now automatically detect configuration changes and restart the affected services
  • avoid using sync.Map for objects that are frequently deleted or added
  • rewrite the update system: we no longer use git to perform updates, rather a custom protocol that has better scalability and reliability
  • optimize dynamic buffered queue consumer to use locking+list instead of a channel for better performance
  • convert a lot of log.Info to log.Debug calls to avoid log noise

2020-11-02 (v0.5.6)

  • add a service port: crossbox development enable (will allow support team ability to attach a debug mode for the server and debug the issue in detail)
  • when in crossbox debug unsafe mode, go SQL queries will also be logged
  • mailproxify will no longer need restart when a new SSL certificate is issued, and when a new hostname is accepted for traffic
  • webserver will no longer restart when a new SSL certificate is issued, or when a new branding profile is added
  • infrastructure: dramatically simplify the build process

2020-10-05 (v0.5.5)

  • cli: the command-line interface has been completely rewritten in go for better performance and ease of use
  • cli: new command: allow adding slaves by running the command: crossbox slave add new
  • cli: new command: allow adding a non-slave node into a cluster: crossbox slave add existing
  • cli: redesigned crossbox status command to show all auxiliary services along with the app connector user-level instances
  • cli: remove expensive Django initialization when executing legacy python commands
  • cli: new command: crossbox ssh grant|revoke will now automatically grant or revoke a crossbox support ssh key that the support team can use to access your server as root
  • cli: change: crossbox change-admin-* has been changed to crossbox admin email|password
  • cli: change: crossbox reload-config is now called crossbox config reload - will be kept for backward compatibility until 0.7.0
  • cli: new command: crossbox config get|set - run crossbox config -h to view all additions
  • cli: change: crossbox cpanel|plesk|directadmin reinstall-* is now renamed to crossbox cpanel|plesk|directadmin reinstall
  • cli: change: crossbox reload-firewall is now called crossbox firewall reload
  • cli: new command: crossbox license -h allows checking and selecting a license for the server (useful if you cannot log in to your server due to license issues)
  • cli: change: crossbox rebuild-media is now called crossbox media rebuild
  • cli: new command: crossbox rescue - used to completely reinitialize the software sources in case of an installation corruption
  • cli: change: crossbox sync-all is now called crossbox sync all
  • cli: new command: crossbox update inspect - will list out what the next update will do to the installation (update/remove the file, etc)
  • cli: new command: crossbox user login - (enter this on a master server or single node install) will grant you a single-use login link for the particular user email. This only works if the user used crossbox at least once and didn't change the password

2020-09-01 (v0.5.4)

  • all third party software is now updated and recompiled to the latest versions
  • upgrade Django to 3.x version and fix all compatibility issues
  • improve python error handling and add custom error pages (generally, all error pages are now uniform across all application instances
  • ported a large chunk of root services code to go - very soon we'll be removing the root services process altogether
  • fix random issues with cPanel plugin integration, and add more reliable feature manager names to properly distinct crossbox services from the possible system ones
  • fix random issues with Plesk plugin integration
  • installer: fix SSL detection for various environments
  • installer: add trial support, users can now pick a 15 day trial for the installation without specifying their email/password account
  • installer: improve icon generation speed
  • installer: present the password fields to be viewable after installation so the user can copy-paste the password for login etc
  • installer: allow users to install their MySQL server on local server and use it instead of shipped crossbox MySQL server
  • standalone: dovecot will now reject logins if the license is expired
  • fix a new cookie policy issue

2020-08-15 (v0.5.3)

  • frontend
  • add app connector management area for users
  • when navigating an area that requires a higher permission level, the system will prompt a dialog along with the error message indicating you need to log in as admin instead of showing a blank page with toast-error
  • add "apps" into the menu dropdown to navigate trough the app connector apps more easily - you can also open the app in the "main" area or as a popup which you can minimize and use other apps at the same time
  • add settings for which app you want to use for which module, e.g. you can now select "files" module to be CrossBox, NextCloud, or Horde -- the same for every other module in the side nav menu
  • clicking the menu will automatically open the selected app
  • all push notifications (mail etc) will open the underlying selected module
  • fix thumbnail preview (cookie session failing)

2020-07-02 (v0.5.2)

  • all apps can be controlled from the installer settings area as global config on what users can use or not
  • global settings configurator: the ability to select default settings for all users in the system. branding profile users can also change these settings for their users (this is useful for onboarding new users into the app)
  • improve error messages
  • fix minimize maximize bug that sometimes left dialogs unresponsive in the taskbar
  • deep linking for mail module - opening mail messages/threads is now linkable in the address bar (useful for sharing messages between team members who use the same email account)

2020-06-15 (v0.5.1)

  • improve draft saving scheduler
  • give the ability for users to select which software they want to land on when logging in
  • fix file chooser not allowing to select a file from company
  • drop all unused modules from angular material

2020-06-05 (v0.5.0)

New features:

  • email scheduling
  • email snoozing
  • send large email attachments (up to 1GB)
  • email canned responses
  • screen-sharing during a call
  • additional branding features (added the ability to choose a custom font, animated loader, and several types of login pages)
  • settings -> mail settings (users can now choose IMAP or MySQL as a backend driver)
  • settings -> interface (users can now choose a custom "header style" to make CrossBox more personal)


  • improve Plesk extension features
  • port entire email module codebase from python to golang for better performance, stability, and maintainability
  • port db migration system from python to golang
  • move MailProcessor into app service
  • syncing of domains and accounts of hosting panels is now more aggressive and detections are faster
  • implement the task queue system in golang
  • switch from .ini to .json files for configuration (pending removal of .ini files completely)
  • increase file descriptors for all processes
  • increase uwsgi timeout for long execution tasks
  • implemented a custom ban system over iptables for services: MailProxify, mail client login and IMAP logins (standalone only)
  • all failed logins are offenses and too many incorrect passwords will result in a ban
  • tweak turn server to avoid throttling of UDP traffic by internet providers
  • all user text inputs, file, date picker, radio, checkbox, and select controls are replaced with a new more responsive and polished version
  • all notifications are streamlined into one generic API which handles notifications better, device activity and message priority for each device
  • new design for all dropdown menus
  • search autocomplete widget is now replaced with a more performant and polished version
  • redesigned the way the channel calls are initiated and answered - direct actions are visible when answering/initiating a call
  • simplify voice calls and add a spectator mode
  • automatically join in conference mode when joining the call


  • fix Cpanel database name and username generation using the provided API by Cpanel
  • fix malformed card error handling
  • use psutil available memory function for checking available memory instead of "free"
  • deprecate db repair CLI tool in favor of the new migration system
  • remove redis retry checking system for long-running tasks to reduce the complexity of internal API calls
  • remove "needs restart messages" and restart the software automatically if the configurations change rather than instructing the user to perform the restart
  • remove useless warnings in installer
  • certbot renewals are more intelligent on when to reboot webserver
  • remove unused hooks

2019-12-25 (v0.4.8)

  • improve native push notifications for Android/iOS
  • improve the password handling by CrossBox MailProxify (IMAP proxy)
  • allow richer email signatures and 19 new templates to pick from
  • fixed some iOS app build problems
  • upgrade of all UI libraries
  • fix for iOS app WebRTC deprecation
  • optimize max open files limits for all CrossBox processes by default
  • increase UWSGI process pool and max number of requests per worker
  • preserve open/closed state locally when opening side nav on desktop 
  • implemented mail folder search feature
  • improved displaying of mail folders with large mail folder structures
  • added the ability to switch time format from 24h to am/pm, available in user settings under "Account" section

2019-11-29 (v0.4.7)

  • change the password generator to include special chars to conform to Plesk strong password specs
  • fix the problem with GET query string being too large for some contact lookups
  • use 30-40% of the server RAM for MySQL on the standalone version
  • white-label "alt" attribute on <img> tag in cPanel webmail
  • correct sync stage post installation
  • set a branded name (white-label) for User-Agent header when sending an e-mail
  • improvements in the e-mail importer queue

2019-10-18 (v0.4.6)

  • improve IMAP inbox diffing
  • include x-ham-report header for spam indicator
  • add in-app password change support for DirectAdmin
  • sync DirectAdmin accounts periodically (as a fallback mechanism) rather than only on DA event
  • added tolerance for network unavailability false-positives for master-><-slave communication in CrossBox clusters
  • implemented a feature to allow users to disable IP detection 
  • make text selectable in some lists

2019-09-25 (v0.4.5)

  • add "trusted link" service, allows all hot-linked images to be proxied which protects user's privacy and enforces SSL
  • CrossBox anti-spam service which adds support for SpamAssassin learning. Additionally, scans messages with rspamd if there is no anti-spam service on the server
  • give scan status indicator in form of a shield icon, green = scanned ok, red = scanned, found spam, yellow = did not scan the message
  • add Play and App Store links to the login screen if you configure them
  • improve DirectAdmin integration - some cases where you add a new domain, the sync system does not register the change
  • add landing page: you can now specify which module to load after logging in / booting up the application
  • improve mail processor parsing performance and memory usage
  • minor GUI fixes
  • expand folders by default in situations where folder structure is nested

2019-09-16 (v0.4.4)

  • minor iOS fixes
  • fixes the issue when cPanel change password command fails because the command expects lowercased e-mail username
  • fix small CSS issues


  • fix for the toolbar going over editor in some cases
  • Reduce Android APK size
  • Online Apps Builder released


hotfix for insert image bug


exim CVE patch

2019-08-25  (v0.4.3)

  • fix issues with MySQL connections that drop too early (MySQL config)
  • improve the reliability of database creation - attempt to repair user's database automatically if migration error happens
  • fix enqueued task queue tasks (fixes issues with chat not sending push notifications)
  • fix task queue retry logic
  • improve throttle logic
  • fix push notification avatar not being shown correctly
  • fix the issue if the hostname of the master is entered in branding configurations
  • prepare everything for automatic builds for ios/androids apps - providers with branding should configure their FCM Sender ID and private key in their server settings
  • fixed an issue in the installer not resolving license detail for specific situations
  • do not request mail syncing and wait when creating a folder, rather perform folder sync only
  • add Serbian and Croatian languages
  • allow feedback to be submitted by anonymous users e.g. cases where the user has a problem logging in. 2 tickets per day allowed per master server.
  • disallow master hostname to be entered as branding hostname
  • cleanup user data should not consume too many resources when handling thousands of files in the scan sequence
  • rewrite mail compose editor for more performance and ease of use
  • add native support for sharing a file from crossbox and into crossbox (IOS and Android apps)
  • when right-clicking the list it selects it for more visual cues
  • dragging files and dropping them around is easier (it will no longer open a file in the browser if you miss the drop zones)
  • add the ability to preview files natively from crossbox files (IOS and Android apps)
  • show message when you are logging in
  • fixed an issue where when reloading dashboard it will not refresh items in postflight query
  • fixed contact hover tooltip - before it always removed the tooltip from the view on hover-away but in patch deployed 4 months ago it stopped that behavior
  • allow TLS on CrossBox MailProxify - before 587 port did not offer TLS
  • improve cases where when adding a slave server you might make a mistake by pasting the slave installation URL into the browser instead of "Add slave" input

2019-08-12  (v0.4.2)

  • small GUI fix
  • db creation err when granting resources and there is no host/username combination (cPanel)
  • fix endpoint


fixes for new license model


fixes and improvements


  • non-threaded view also sends messages to "SENT" folder
  • minor fixes


  • stability and some GUI improvements
  • move to async for mails

2019-07-15  (v0.4.1)


  • mails that break RFC email address length
  • syncing errors on malformed dates
  • logout all users if IMAP credentials are no longer incorrect (mostly cPanel session autologin issue)


  • add crossbox repair db command
  • some minor fixes


  • remove old indexes
  • fix remaining utf8 errors and add full-text search for most of the search calls


  • fix issues with MySQL storage restrictions
  • adjust logic for MySQL username generation across all panels


  • fix migrate database script in environments where there are over 200 databases in use by CrossBox
  • add more verbosity to run migrations
  • add netstat as a portable dependency and re-run migrations


  • reduce Android APK size
  • branding page for building apps will be available for public use

2019-08-02  (v0.4.0)

v0.4.0 marks start of billing starting the 5th of august


  • remove old indexes
  • fix encoding issues
  • fix remaining utf8 errors and add full-text search for most of the search calls

2019-07-10  (v0.3.9)

v0.3.9 is a special release which delivers deep integration with Direct Admin.

CrossBox now officially has seamless integration with 3 major control panels: cPanel, Plesk, and now: DirectAdmin.

2019-07-03 (v0.3.8)

v0.3.8 brings many new features and fixes:


  • white and dark themes added
  • improve the layout of the mail editor (composer)
  • add what's new in this update dialog
  • add support for contacts
  • drag and drop emails to mail folder
  • make push notifications configuration more clear
  • undo action button lets you reverse the action you took by mistake
  • horizontal split mode for viewing mail added
  • split views (both vertical and horizontal) can now be resized by users
  • added send feedback feature (white-labeled for the branding addon owners)
  • improve the experience with toasts
  • side nav has been rewritten for faster rendering and better navigation
  • side navigation can now be minimized into a "mini drawer", which gives more space on a laptops
  • dark mode toggling is now more understandable
  • online/offline state presence updating is now more precise
  • improved the experience for loading mails
  • faster loading time with preflight queries (utilizes browser caching)
  • improve fab dialers for a better experience
  • add filter by letter for contacts
  • IP change notification added under the settings/security
  • The system will now send you a notification if a new IP is detected to be using your account
  • change coloring for unseen/need attention list items
  • fix for chips where it sometimes incorrectly showed selected contacts
  • do not show the avatar of yourself in channels, rather of people that are not you
  • better search also for contacts in chips
  • fix editor list (ul/li) issue
  • improve list separators (make them less intrusive)
  • improve digest queue for internal rendering
  • make toasts in some cases for notifications more intelligent
  • fix some minor issues with lists in general
  • when viewing a mail thread/message it is now possible to use next/prev buttons regardless of location
  • push notification request will no longer be shown until you want to set up your account
  • chat participants are now visible only when you tap on the toolbar where it shows the number of participants
  • dashboard items will now render faster and no longer flicker when re-rendering
  • when sharing a file remotely, it will show the name of the person sharing the files
  • branding profiles now allow setting custom system name


  • now all emails are synced and stored to MySQL (no attachments, text only)
  • the mail search is now much faster and doesn't depend on the speed of an IMAP server
  • max number of messages synced per folder is 50 000
  • upgrade of all system libraries
  • fixed some issues with folder removal and updates
  • migrate heavy lifting of task queue to uwsgi
  • fix the rare issue where the mime headers of the message are broken (extra space was added)
  • correct rspamd execution permissions
  • fix chat thread sorting in some cases
  • better search for chat messages
  • added support to connect CrossBox server to a remote MySQL
  • force master to be 80/443 port when installing
  • smooth out attachment saving and fix the performance problem when autosaving a draft with many attachments

2019-02-11 (v0.3.7)

The v0.3.7 version brings first release candidate (RC) and CrossBox is officially no longer in beta.

Here is the changelog:


  • CrossBox now fully supports cPanel's mail only server profile


  • all resellers now have control to brand their own CrossBox (reseller's customers also) simply by logging in into CrossBox with admin account: (and for domain admins)
  • root admins can manage branding records as well
  • branding also allows having custom SMTP/IMAP/POP3 hostname
  • who has branding is controlled by a service provider (through feature manager - it is enabled by default upon receiving this update)
  • welcome emails for newly created e-mails are also branded


  • completely redesigned and now you log in as you normally would via CrossBox login screen using your root admin e-mail address (you can view that by running command "crossbox info")
  • admin has all the previous features, but much more user-friendly and simpler to use
  • fixed some issues deleting users
  • the old admin area is no longer useable


  • faster installation (reduced download .tar.gz size from 2.5GB to 700MB)
  • incorporated CrossBox UI into installer - now installer is a part of CrossBox


  • ability to preview attachments when composing
  • automatically detect if the e-mail cannot be seen on dark mode, and automatically add the white background
  • fix regression: zoom out when the e-mail is too large
  • fix the issue when composing e-mail/drafting: email not appearing on the list or in view
  • fix the issue where attachments on the list sometimes do not appear
  • improve the thread chunking algorithm
  • improve the rendering performance of the mail list
  • added "Max emails per hour" and "Queued" indicators below the disk quota indicator (shown only on cPanel servers)


  • improve some glitches on "recent" page
  • improve the rendering performance of the list


  • fixed some issues with channel list not sorting when new messages arrive
  • the "New message" flag sometimes did not go away even though you read the channel
  • improved rendering of the online and channel lists


  • it showed wrong counter (did not exclude junk mail count)


  • fixed issue when deleting contact record in some cases
  • sorting of the contacts was sometimes inconsistent
  • faster list rendering


  • fixed the issue with playing audio files


  • redesigned the behavior of toast, it will now queue messages (and show up to three on a desktop and one on mobile) and it's now centered instead of a bottom right corner
  • the animation is now more fluid


  • after redirection from cPanel autologin - it will now show the progress of account creation if any (before it just showed loader)


  • fixed an issue with some SMTPs passing additional params to FROM command and in turn SMTP Proxify rejecting such commands


  • add alternative ways to reset a password (cPanel, Plesk, standalone)
  • via the alternative e-mail address
  • by answering secret questions
  • by entering the correct 2FA code


  • "crossbox status" command now yields more useful information
  • "crossbox restart|stop|start" now works more efficiently


  • we are now using single WebSocket connection for N number of currently connected accounts, therefore allowing you to be logged into as many accounts as you want (before the limit was browser's WebSocket implementation (5))
  • improve XHR requests when loading initially (allow bursts)
  • fix IMAP connection pooling (semaphore was incorrectly acquired)
  • new service: mail parser - improves e-mail loading speed 5-10 times in some cases
  • UWSGI processes are now using a maximum of 2 IMAP connections per account at most, additionally, IMAP connection will be cleared after 5 minutes of inactivity (unless server clears it before that)
  • UWSGI worker count will no longer exceed 2 workers (num of CPUs = number of workers; is no longer the case, as the CrossBox can handle 100 concurrent users on a single worker using 1vCPU)
  • reverted back window resize on Android devices since it causes problems for chat view
  • fabs are now more noticeable - they will briefly show the name of the action
  • upgraded all third-party libraries that ship with CrossBox
  • improved startup/shutdown time for all CrossBox services
  • improved accidental dangling processes (better PID file management)
  • internal services now use HTTP connection pool for better performance instead of shutting down connections after RPC is done
  • it will monitor all CrossBox services and processes.
  • will automatically handle misbehaving processes and try to repair them

2018-08-03 (v0.3.6)

The v0.3.6 version marks a last pre-public beta release. Smaller fixes and improvements will continue to be pushed until we announce the CrossBox public beta availability.


  • avoid 401 session errors when using multiple accounts at the same time
  • improved files sorting within UI 
  • sort e-mails properly when not appended to the mailbox in a correct order 
  • CrossBox Document Converter behavior in specific cases fixed 
  • mail filters were not firing if the IMAP RECENT flag was removed by the mail server
  • several memory leaks in the frontend that were caused by some third party libraries 
  • more aggressive javascript object garbage collection for the UI (CrossBox client now uses even less RAM)
  • fixes some files previewer glitches 
  • upgraded 3rd party libraries for both frontend and backend 
  • minor glitches with mail drafts - when composing mail outside of mail context 
  • fixed rendering lag when opening a keyboard on android phones 
  • chat last message glitch in the side nav 
  • rendering bug when chatting in a remotely invited channel 
  • rendering bug when messing around with minimize/maximize rapidly 
  • PDF preview on tablet devices activated
  • prevent the binding of new listeners on a destroyed scope 
  • translations are now dynamically loaded and on demand 
  • fixed a bug when e-mail participants were not added to contacts when forwarding an e-mail 
  • fixed an email seen state race condition 
  • do not mark invalid dmarc/dkim keys if the server does not detect them or in a case of a local e-mail delivery 
  • opening files previewer in the files list will automatically focus the file on the list 
  • the wrong word for mark all as seen on notifications


  • the brand new dashboard, an overview for your files, emails, chats, notifications, contacts, and reminders
  • file upload box in the dashboard which allows file(s) drops and quick file sharing
  • ability to share as many files as you want via a bulk operation (before the limit was 10)
  • separate trash for files into side nav, and make it simpler to use
  • improve recent files: differentiate what is private, what belongs to the company and what is public
  • when using multi-user, show the notifications for other logged in users for easier use
  • on each CrossBox update send a notification to the admin e-mail address of the updated server
  • improve search for emails for an easier use
  • simplify mail trashing process
  • add a quick preview of attachments in mail lists
  • improve WYSIWYG editor: add more actions and other minor fixes
  • improve dark mode: the config is now global across all users: but per device 
  • new loading animation
  • import cPanel RoundCube contacts to CrossBox (useful for users migrating away from Roundcube) run command: crossbox extra migrate-roundcube-contacts
  • improve password hashing
  • show "NEW" indicator for emails that arrive with a RECENT flag
  • add frontend bug tracking: we will be more aware of errors that occur within the browser, allowing us to fix them faster
  • CDN for the CrossBox Installer: faster download of CrossBox installation and updates
  • improved performance of the update process
  • make chat channels open by default when navigating to chat
  • quick contact view for tooltips
  • when searching emails or chat messages highlight the searched keyword for easier finding
  • remove deprecated SQLite API
  • when logging for UI is enabled, do not write too many logs into the console, keep max 100 items
  • improve mail draft title
  • improve file folder selection for upload/move/copy
  • better navigation for files, now breadcrumbs show the correct context of directory navigation
  • improve progress checking for first account setup - on some installations, it showed an error while actually, the setup was a success

2018-07-14 00:13:38 (v0.3.0 to v0.3.5)

  • prevent emails that are too large from rendering

2018-07-13 12:44:11

  • upgrade several libraries

2018-07-12 23:18:44

  • fixes a problem where if the image is corrupted it will show 500 internal when displaying a thumbnail,
  • some small fixes

2018-07-12 20:09:42

  • improve sharing directly from an e-mail attachment
  • small fixes

2018-07-12 17:04:25

  • fix save to simplefs

2018-07-12 16:21:02

  • fix uwsgi Unix socket path constant

2018-07-12 13:36:30


  • recipient send notification
  • general UI fixes


  • quick add/view contact on profile pic hover


  • a more secure environment for internal processes, run third-party services under their own users
  • note: if the server does not upgrade properly, run: crossbox chmod and then crossbox restart

2018-07-07 18:39:29

  • collect static files for settings area - for new languages selection

2018-07-07 17:24:15

  • fix initial language loading in UI if the language is not English

2018-07-07 16:50:41

  • fixes reload_config bug

2018-07-06 21:45:31

  • fixes document converter for servers where runuser command does not work properly

2018-07-06 16:16:46

  • fix redis crash for servers where runuser command does not work

2018-07-06 15:02:36

  • Belarus lang file fix


  • over 20 machine-translated languages available for improvement
  • providers who wish to contribute, please e-mail us before doing any translations
  • improved update system - more efficient IO
  • fixed some quirks in e-mail lists and read-only / write modes in IMAP
  • the installer now checks for ram usage - if your server does not have enough ram, the installation will not proceed unless you add swap or disable features that require too much ram


  • standalone: upgrade rspamd to 1.7.7, dovecot 2.3.2


  • e-mail notifications about app health/updates
  • this will be dispatched to the e-mail address that you entered in the installer
  • 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 release will mark the public beta stage

2018-07-04 20:33:00

  • adds the third fallback to cPanel login when the login is performed by default e-mail account

2018-07-04 19:16:28

  • add more verbosity to sync

2018-07-04 15:50:11

  • fixes cases when a user tries to autologin to the default e-mail address in cPanel - an incorrect value was being passed to the IMAP server

2018-07-04 13:01:44


  • syncing system
  • make the interfacing between master and slaves more simple and reliable
  • task queue API

general improvements:

  • allow buffered tasks in the task queue
  • improve the processing of stale tasks
  • disallow push API failures if the device was de-registered


  • bcc header
  • clicking on the new email in the already opened thread should trigger mark as read
  • other small details


  • beta testers who encountered issues with their new domains added to the system, run: crossbox sync-all to fix the problem


  • we are improving localization
  • more languages will be added
  • the ability for the beta testers to contribute the translations

2018-07-02 16:22:17

  • improve Cpanel logging and some refactoring

2018-07-02 11:05:47

  • improve Cpanel account/domain syncing

2018-07-01 21:51:25


  • internal API non-blocking call causes a runtime error
  • ignore push notification failure in tasks


  • command: crossbox changelog - shows the latest update messages


  • minor GUI fixes

2018-07-01 11:27:05


  • cPanel user login for default e-mail addresses

2018-06-30 23:56:05


  • fix regression where you can't delete the user from the admin area
  • optimize mail list reloading
  • dark mode when selecting icons from lists
  • task failure when sending a systemic chat message

2018-06-30 20:26:39


  • environment variable problem after installation
  • when creating folders on Cpanel servers, automatically prepopulate parent folder as INBOX instead of "No parent"
  • request preflight check for WebSocket should not be applied when viewing shared link

2018-06-29 22:01:09

  • slaves should ping as well

2018-06-28 17:10:28

  • fixes audio player and improvements

2018-06-27 23:40:48

  • [panel] fix: Plesk API improvement
  • [internal] feature: selective restarts - ability to restart specific platforms e.g. if the fix was only meant for cPanel servers, the update will only restart those servers

2018-06-27 18:52:35

  • new feature: dark mode
  • and general fixes that were reported by the log

2018-06-25 22:04:29

  • fixed some CSF rules
  • fixes contact delete picture bug
  • other small fixes

2018-06-25 14:37:31

  • fixes the is_mariadb() flag that caused a login failure

2018-06-25 13:00:41

  • fixes the problem with Cpanel database prefixes and inability to select SSL certificate from the selection box

2018-06-25 10:09:51

Fixes for different parts of the system and new features:

  • dropped the need for WebSocket port, now the WebSocket works under one port
  • new command: "crossbox info" that outputs general information about the crossbox installation
  • various improvements to the crossbox installer - simplified some parts of the UI for easier installation
  • fixed the problem with syncing command where duplicate domains exist in one namespace
  • more verbosity in commands
  • minor GUI fixes

2018-06-22 20:56:04


  • the problem with "header not iterable" error when viewing e-mails
  • some internal changes

2018-06-22 09:04:28


  • installer toggle buttons for mail integration step
  • SSL selection error on the installer


  • more verbose logging for CDC service

2018-06-21 18:49:49

  • fixes the change password problem, and request receipt on email

2018-06-21 16:43:58

  • fixes the Redis problem

2018-06-20 12:57:08

  • Docker process list fix

2018-06-19 22:39:46

  • fix for pdf thumbnail

2018-06-19 18:21:34

  • fixes for 0.3 licensing before release

2018-05-31 21:53:36 (v0.3.0)

  • initial release
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