We stand for real-time, self-hosted, secure, fast, and elegant communication software.


At CrossBox, we strive to develop superior communication solutions for our users through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and partnerships.


Five years from now, we want CrossBox to become the top-grossing communication software for Web Hosts, ESPs, ISPs and Telcos by consistently providing quality products, with reliable and affordable services.


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Who Are We

Key People Behind CrossBox


Edis is a senior software engineer and a tech lead. He leads the developer team, enjoys writing efficient code, and is in charge of software technologies and architecture.


Apart from serving as a CEO, Ismir is a senior system administrator, DevOps, and full-stack developer. He is involved in all aspects of the company, from development to operations.


CrossBox Team

Our team is made of outstanding people who are passionate about what they do. We are dynamic, engaged, highly motivated and highly skilled.

QA Automation Engineer
Graphic Designer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Sales/Partner Manager


Our history and progress through time


Who are we?

From 2010, we operate as a custom software development company. In the last ten years, we developed many successful turn-key solutions for customers in the private sector. Most importantly, during this time, we formed a great team made of programmers, designers and system administrators passionate about building professional, modern, and reliable software solutions.


How it all started?

While doing custom development for the clients, we noticed the growing need in the small and medium enterprise for an email solution that has a modern UI and features commonly available on the popular SaaS platforms. After exploring numerous self-hosted solutions that existed at the time, we decided to try to build something ourselves, so in January 2016, we started working on the prototype. The prototype was completed in 6 months, and it was the proof of concept that was needed to proceed with the development of the product.


Closed Beta

During the closed beta period, we partnered with several service providers (Web Hosts and Email Service Providers) to fully understand real-life needs and problems that occur in the e-mail hosting industry. These partnerships greatly helped in shaping CrossBox to what it is today - a solution which is not tailored just to the end-user, but the service provider also.


Public Beta

In August 2018 we opened up the beta version to all service providers interested in installing CrossBox on their infrastructure. During this period, we worked with an even larger number of service providers and end-users with the aim of improving and polishing the product. Many great products like CrossBox Cluster and Android/iOS apps were born at that time.


Production Release

September 2019 marks the date when CrossBox was officially out of beta. From this point on, it is considered to be a production-ready software.


Continuous Progress

In 2020 we plan to continue improving the product and adding many new and great features. We'll aim in making CrossBox the top-grossing communication software for Web Hosts, ESPs, ISPs, and Telcos by consistently providing quality products with reliable and affordable services.