Quick Installation

Video Tutorial


We know that you're excited about installing CrossBox as fast as possible, but first please make sure to check out the Requirements before you start with the installation.

Single Server Setup

Here we will show you how to install CrossBox on a single server. If you plan to install CrossBox on multiple servers, please head out to our Clusters Documentation.

Sign Up

To install the CrossBox Server you need to have a valid CrossBox account and a valid license. You can create an account here.

One server license allows you to have an unlimited number of users under unlimited domains, per one server. 
Branding addon allows you to white label CrossBox as your own product, which is useful for hosting providers.

Installing in 4 Easy Steps

Now that you have a valid account and a valid license, you can proceed with installing CrossBox. 

SSH into your server and run the following command as a root user

sh <(curl https://cdn.crossbox.io/install.sh || wget -O - https://cdn.crossbox.io/install.sh)

This will boot up the installer and start the Web Installation Wizard. In the output of the command, you'll find the URL that you can now use to start the installation via your web browser.

Open your favorite web browser and copy/paste the URL you were given

You'll most likely get an SSL error, but that's fine! The installer is just using a self-signed certificate to make sure that the communication between your browser and the installer is safe and encrypted. Proceed by instructing your browser to ignore the SSL error. Voila! The Web Installation Wizard pops up in your browser!


Log in to proceed with the installation

Unlock the installation by entering an e-mail address and password you signed up with and hit the Next button.

Click your way through

From this step forward, installing CrossBox is as easy as filling in some basic details and almost everything is already pre-populated for you. The entire process takes less than five minutes and often less than that, depending on your server's performance.

Detailed Help

If you're not sure what to enter in a certain field during the installation, just click on the "Find out more" link which is displayed beneath it. By clicking it, you'll be taken directly to that option's more detailed documentation.