Billing Questions


1. I'd like to know if I can purchase priority support later?

2. I also want to ask if I get the discount when adding a new server?

3. What type of payment methods do you support?

4. How many days can the invoice be overdue before the services are suspended?


1. Yes, you can both purchase or cancel any add-on, license or service later on. This includes:

  • Master server license
  • Slave server license
  • Branding add-on
  • Professional Installation
  • Priority Support

2. Yes, the cart applies the tiered discount automatically, taking into account a number of active server licenses you currently have.

3. Currently, we support PayPal and SWIFT IBAN bank transfer.

4. Services and licenses will be suspended on the 7th day of being overdue and terminated after 21 days.


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