Alias Email


Is there a way to have alias email instead of multiple email account? Like auto-forwarding email to the main email without creating other email accounts? And email accounts from a different domain? We're running the standalone version.


Standalone only.

Create /home/crossbox/app/config/exim/virtual_domains file that contains a list of domains you want to forward from:

Next, go to /home/crossbox/app/config/exim/virtual and for each domain create a separate file with the domain name as file name, for example:


Within those files, define from what e-mail address(es) you want to forward and to where. For example:

* : *

The example above will forward all e-mail sent to *, *, *, to the same e-mail address at

Instead of using a wildcard to match any email address, you can also be more specific like:

* :

When you're done, you'll need to run:

crossbox config reload && crossbox restart exim
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