Installing-configuring the server with standalone?


I'm looking to set up some mail servers and have been looking at the plethora of options. Crossbox looks fantastic and I'm curious about the standalone version - does crossbox handle installing and configuring the server-side components if we're using standalone?

Or do we still have to manually set all of those services up when not using a cPanel/Plesk/etc? Most control panels are overkill because we already have external hosting solutions and are only looking to provide email service on this setup. 


Yes, the standalone version handles everything for you. Installation, configuration, and setup of all server-side components are all done automatically.

You can also choose which features you want to be turned on/off during the installation, and also later on via the admin area.

In the standalone version, you do the administration of domains and email accounts also via the admin area, the place where you can add/edit/suspend/delete domains and e-mail accounts.


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