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File Manager

Simple to use, yet robust File Manager gives you total control over your files and data. It has all the standard file features that you're used to, plus some extra ones — like the ability to download the PDF version, send files via email, and file sharing.

What file operations are available?

  • View details
  • Preview
  • Download
  • Download PDF version
  • Mark as important
  • Send by email
  • Sharing
  • Duplicate
  • Copy to
  • Move to
  • Rename
  • Delete

Can I download multiple files at once?

Yes, CrossBox will compress all the files you selected into a .zip archive and offer it to you for download.

Can I send multiple files via a single email?

Yes, after you selected the files, click the "Send by email" button. A new email composer window will open up, and your files are already attached.