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Send Later

You've just finished writing an email. But it's late. You wouldn't want to disturb anybody in the middle of the night! With CrossBox, it's easy to schedule a timed email delivery. Just choose — for example, Monday at 8:30 am. When your contact gets to the office, they'll see your email first.

What are the predefined time options?

  • Later today
  • Tonight
  • Tomorrow
  • This weekend
  • Next week

Can I pick an exact time?

Yes! Choose the "Pick date and time" option, and the date-time picker will pop out. Here you can pick an exact date and time.

Will the scheduled email be sent out even if I'm not using the app?

Of course! The email will be delivered automatically at the time of your choosing. It doesn't matter if you're not using the app at the given time.

Can I cancel the sending of a scheduled email?

Yes. Go to the "Scheduled" folder and click the "Cancel" button next to the email you would like to have canceled. The email will be unscheduled and opened in the email composer so you can decide what to do next.