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Tailored to You

Why let any app enforce a way on how you communicate? With CrossBox, you're always at the helm, easily fine-tuning your app settings to match with your reading and writing habits. You can finally enjoy full control over the way you read, write, send, and track your emails.


  • Read emails in conversation mode (Gmail style) or as a simple list.
  • Use the server as an intermediary to load all email images over a secure connection (https).
  • Choose not to show images in emails from untrusted senders.
  • Zoom out emails that cannot be shrunk to fit your viewing area.
  • Choose between vertical and horizontal viewing modes.


  • Write emails using a modern rich-text editor or use old school plain-text.
  • Choose to always use "Reply All" instead of "Reply".
  • Enable the email signature


  • Choose how long CrossBox should wait before sending an email.
  • Make CrossBox ask you for confirmation before sending an email.
  • Allow CrossBox to warn you if your email has an empty subject or a body.
  • Let CrossBox warn you if you mention attachment in the email but no attachment was added.


  • Enable the email tracking to get notified when your email gets seen.
  • Allow CrossBox to send you a notification once your email gets seen.


Choose between two backend modes:
  • IMAP only (slower, doesn't take any extra disk space)
  • IMAP + MySQL (faster, syncs emails into the database)