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Organize with Notes

Notes are the best place to write down quick thoughts or to save more extended notes filled with checklists, images, weblinks, or drawings. And with CrossBox apps for iOS and Android, it's easy to access all your notes from any device.

What types of notes can I create?

You can create notes that contain plain text, rich text, a checklist, or a drawing.

Can I share my notes?

Of course, you can share your notes with:

  • Your team member(s)
  • Entire company
  • Anyone externally

Can I change note's color?

Yes, to distinguish your notes easier, you can give them unique colors.

What are tags?

You can use tags to quickly categorize your notes so you can easily find them later.

What are pinned notes?

The goal of pinned notes is to always keep the note pinned at the same spot so that instead of digging through hundreds of notes, you can always find them at a predictable place.

Can I add a reminder to a note?

Reminders are a great way to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information. You can set a reminder for any note, as well as add a date and time for time-sensitive reminders.