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Size Matters

How many times you wanted to send an email with a couple of attachments only to find out that you can't — the email size limit is being forced on you — typically 25MB or less! With CrossBox, you can send huge files to any email address, without the need for anyone involved to use a third party sharing app.

How does it work?

If the file size is greater than 25MB, the file will first get uploaded, and then inserted into the email as a link. Anyone receiving the email can view and download the file(s) by clicking on the attachments list embedded into the email.

Can anyone accept such a big email?

Yes! Because it's not a real attachment, receiving and opening such an email is not a problem, and all mail servers accept it.

Is 1GB a maximum limit, can it be increased further?

The default value is 1GB, but this can be increased/decreased by the server administrator.