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Text, Audio & Video

Discussions may begin in email, yet they may continue elsewhere. A few messages can turn into a call or video meeting. With CrossBox, you can start a high-quality audio and video call, a conference, or a chat session without ever leaving your inbox.

What are the "private channels"?

Each user can create private channels that are seen only by them and channels' participants.

What is the "team channel"?

A unique channel available to all users sharing the same @domain.com.

Can I chat with or call someone who is not using CrossBox?

Of course! You can invite anyone just by typing in their email address. CrossBox will send them an email with a link that they can use to join the conversation using their favorite web browser.

What is "Conference Mode"?

It separates all the participants evenly across the screen. In the conference mode, you're able to see everyone's camera streams, all at the same time.

Can I participate in multiple channels at the same time?

Yes! And not just that. You can participate simultaneously in different channels across multiple accounts!

Can I join the call from my phone or tablet?

Yes, anyone can join a channel or a call by using their favorite web browser for a mobile phone or tablet. In case you have a CrossBox App for Android and iOS, you can use it directly instead of using the web browser.

Which web browsers are supported?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari are fully supported.