Online Apps Builder


Hosts, ESPs, ISPs, and Telcos can improve brand awareness by building their own branded Android and iOS apps and publishing them to the Google and Apple stores.

CrossBox Requirements

To build smartphone apps you need to have:

Online App Builder

First, log into your account and go to Online App Builder.


Create an App

Before you issue a new build request, you need to create a new app.


In the new app wizard, you'll need to fill in:

Master Server

Choose for which master server you'll be building the app.

Obtain and upload Firebase config files

These are needed in order for native Android and iOS push notifications to work.

Now when you have them on your computer, attach them to the form and click the submit button.



Create a Build Request

After you've finished creating an app, you can proceed to issue a new build request by clicking the "New Build Request" button:


This will offer you to choose which App you want to build and for what platforms:


Click the submit button.

You'll get an email notification after the build process is completed. 

Log into your account and download and archives to your computer:


These archives contain both debug and release versions:

  • The debug version can be installed onto the devices without signing and is used for testing the app on a device.
  • The release version is a production-ready version which you need to sign and then publish to the respective app store.