CBX Chat

A prestigious, self-hosted communication tool

Private Channels

Create a real-time and secure communication channel with anyone in the world. Just type in any email address or pick someone from your contacts. Afterward, you can invite new members to join in if the situation demands it.

Team Channels

Increase team potency with a unique communication channel tailored particularly for teams and companies. It equips your team with a powerful tool to share information and files in real-time, thus increasing the overall team productivity.

Text, Audio & Video

With CrossBox, you can use a communication method that you prefer or is suitable for the moment. From rich-text messages to high-quality audio and video calls, CrossBox has everything you need in a modern communication suite.

Smartphone Apps

Out of office? No problem. Everything you can do with CrossBox on a desktop machine or your laptop, you can also do on your Android or iOS device.

Stay Engaged

You can chat, call, talk, attach and view files even when you're on the go. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.


CrossBox keeps you up to date by sending you a push notification when a new message arrives or you miss someone's call.


High Quality Audio & Video

To deliver superb video chat experience, even in large channels, CrossBox utilizes a high-performance TURN server which is used to relay audio and video traffic through your server when needed. Otherwise, CrossBox cleverly uses the P2P protocol to preserve server bandwidth.

Call Anyone

Apart from your coworkers, you can also invite anyone else to the conversation. All you need is the person's email address. They'll receive an invitation email with your message in it, and they can instantly join in just by clicking a provided link. No signup, no login, just fast communication.

Super-Fast File Sharing

Just drag and drop files into the conversation window. For even faster sharing, you can also choose from files you already have uploaded to your CrossBox Files. Everyone in the channel can download or preview what you attached, in real-time.

#Channel with Ease

Separating your discussions into channels helps you organize and prioritize better. Create a channel and have a live talk with anyone in the world, in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is choose the participants and optionally enter your initial message.

Integrates Everywhere

With no external dependencies and thanks to its plug and play architecture, CrossBox is runnable anywhere. You can install it on your cPanel or Plesk server, containerize it with Docker or run it on any VPS or a bare-metal server.