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Advanced Search

Doesn't it suck when your search returns irrelevant results? Or even nothing at all? With CrossBox, you can track down anything, even a deeply buried email attachment you received years ago.

What parameters can I use in my search?

You can base your search around many criteria:

  • Contains
  • Doesn't contain
  • Sender
  • Subject
  • To, Bcc, CC
  • State (all, seen, unseen)
  • Flagged (all, important, unimportant)
  • Size (greater than, less than) KB/MB
  • Range (start date, end date)

Does the search include attachments' file names?

Yes. CrossBox will try to find an attachment whose file name matches your search query.

Can I search only emails containing attachments?

Yes. You can accomplish this by using the size filter. For example, you can only search for emails that are larger than 1MB in size.