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Delayed Sending

We've all sent them before. Incorrectly spelled names, accidental typos, and emails that we regret. With Delayed Sending, you can give yourself time to stop an email from being sent out, just on the off chance that you change your mind.

How does it work?

In the settings, select how long CrossBox should wait between you clicking the send button and CrossBox conveying the email. If you enable this feature, CrossBox will show you a countdown timer during which you'll be able to cancel the email.

Can I force a send if I don't want to wait?

Yes. Next to countdown, aside from the "Cancel" button, you'll also notice a "Send now" button. Use it to skip the countdown and issue the send out command immediately.

Where can I enable the "Delayed sending" feature?

Go to Settings > Mail > Settings and find the "Controls" section. Here you can choose the time in seconds that CrossBox will wait before dispatching an email.