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Email Health Indicators

Many elaborate scams start with a simple email that appears to be from a well-known company. To solve this problem, CrossBox displays Email Health Indicators next to each email, making it easy for you to spot and avoid emails from the bad guys.

What are the indicators?

Indicators are visual signs that inform you about the well-being of an email and its sender.
  • Green shield - email is clean (not spam)
  • Red shield - email is not clean (was marked as spam)
  • Yellow shield - spam score is unknown

  • Green lock - sender identity verified
  • Red lock - sender identity was not verified
  • Yellow lock - no sender information available

What information is available in the "Message Details" window?

Sometimes there are too many participants in the conversation, and there is not enough space to show everyone. Clicking the "View more info" button opens up a "Message details" window. Here you can find:
  • A complete list of participants
  • The validity of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records
  • A list of all email headers

Can I view the email's source or download the .eml file?

Yes. Click on the "Source" button to view the complete email source along with an option to download the .eml file to your device.