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File Sharing

With CrossBox, sharing files and folders both internally with your team, and externally — for example, with a client — is amazingly simple. Just select the contacts you want to share the files with, and you're good to go. You can also generate a sharable link so anyone with the link can easily access it.

How can I share a file or a folder?

There are several ways:
  • Right-click (control-click) the file and choose "Sharing" from the pop-out menu.
  • Click on the file to open it first and then click "Sharing" or "Send by email".

Is it possible to share files publicly?

Yes. Use the "Get Sharable Link" button to have the file automatically publicly shared, and the link copied to your clipboard.

Can I share files with someone whos not using CrossBox?

Of course! All you need is a person's email address. CrossBox will send them an email with a link they can use to preview or download the file using their favorite web browser.