Admin Area


CrossBox features a simple to use administration interface which is used for managing a CrossBox server.

Accessing Admin Area

To access the administration, visit your CrossBox URL and log in by using your admin credentials.

Restoring access to Admin Area

If you lost or forgot your admin credentials, these are the CLI commands that you can run via SSH (as root) to restore them:

$: crossbox info - if you forgot the CrossBox URL

$: crossbox change-admin-password - to change the admin password

$: crossbox change-admin-email - to change the admin email address

Adding a Domain (Standalone only)

When using CrossBox for cPanel, Plesk or Direct Admin, this is already automated with hooks and available control panel APIs.
Thus, when a new user is created, the domain being created is automatically added to CrossBox if the user has CrossBox enabled in the features list (cPanel and Plesk).

  • Go to Admin -> Servers
  • Pick a server where you want the domain to reside
  • Go to Domains -> Click on the FAB button in the bottom-right corner
  • Fill in the form:


  • A name is the domain's name.
  • An account is a Linux user which you wish to associate with the domain. If you don't have one, please add a Linux user first by going to the "Accounts" in the side nav.
  • Make sure that the domain's DNS zone has MX record pointing to the CrossBox server. 

After you click Save, the domain will be created and you can proceed to add e-mail addresses by creating your first CrossBox user.

When submitted, the form will also output DNS records for DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. Make sure you add these to your domain's DNS zone so the outgoing emails can be correctly signed, which maximizes the deliverability:


Adding a CrossBox Account and Email Address (Standalone only)

    • Go to Admin -> Servers
    • Pick a server where the domain resides
    • Go to Users -> Click on the FAB button in the bottom-right corner
    • Fill in the form:


    • Username is the first part of the e-mail address. For example joe.doe
    • A domain is the second part of the e-mail address. For example
    • Enter the password user will use to access CrossBox and IMAP/POP3/SMTP protocols
    • Login active checkbox defines if a user is allowed to log in
    • A Max quota is a quota limit that CrossBox will not allow the user to exceed

    After you click Save, the CrossBox user you specified will be created along with a fully functional e-mail address.

    Managing a Server

    To manage a CrossBox Server login to your Admin Area, and click on a server you wish to manage.


    Easy to use Admin Interface lets you stay in full control over:

    • Server status (stop/start/restart)
    • Domains
    • Users
    • System Accounts


    Changing Server's Settings

    To change the CrossBox Server Options, login to your Admin Area, pick a server you wish to modify and click "Settings".