CBX Files

A modern file management system packed with exceptional capabilities.

Enjoy a smooth upload of files via a simple drag-n-drop functionality. Make use of a convenient quick share option to have your data uploaded and URL ready for paste in your clipboard. CrossBox's outstanding file previewer opens any document, spreadsheet, or a presentation file you throw at it, even audio and video.

Private Files

CrossBox keeps your files securely stored and quickly accessible to you at any time, wherever you are.

Team Folder

Increase team productivity with a special company folder which is visible to each team member. In this folder, an individual can upload files so they can be viewed by an entire company.

File and Folder Sharing

Advanced sharing rules let you decide what gets shared and with whom. Share with a single person, an entire team, or with anyone with a link.


Uploading files and folders with CrossBox feels really good, but you don't need to waste time waiting for the upload to finish. Comfortably minimize the upload window and continue using the App as usual, while the upload continues in the background.

Files that you

Just Drop It

The drag and drop feature helps you save time and makes uploading files and folders a piece of cake. Select the files you want and drop them to CrossBox. You'll be able to continue using other aspects of CrossBox while the upload is still in progress.

Quick Share and Copy Link

To have a share-URL ready for paste in your clipboard, after the upload is done you use a quick upload box. The files you choose or drop here will be immediately uploaded, and a share-URL automatically copied to your clipboard. That is a huge time saver when you want to share files and folders instantly to anyone who has a link.

Advanced File Operations

CrossBox features a powerful file manager that gives you total control over your data. You can effortlessly copy, move, rename and duplicate files or folders within a pleasing UI.

Integrated with CBX Mail and Chat Modules

Thanks to CBX Files being deeply integrated with the rest of the application, many exciting and practical innovations were made possible. For instance, when reading an email, you can quickly save email attachments to your CBX Files. One can also select CBX files and have them promptly attached to a new email message. The same is also possible for CBX Chat.

Integrates Everywhere

With no external dependencies and thanks to its plug and play architecture, CrossBox is runnable anywhere. You can install it on your cPanel or Plesk server, containerize it with Docker or run it on any VPS or a bare-metal server.