Modern Communication, On-Premises

E-mail, Chat, Calls and Conferences, File Storage and Sharing in a powerful All-in-one Solution
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Beautiful Design.
Rock Solid. Engineering.

With no refresh buttons and only real time experience, CrossBox comes with a pixel perfect design, an intuitive interface, and features that make online communication faster and simpler than ever.

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Perfect for

Hosting & Mail Service Providers, ISPs & Telcos

Empower Your Brand With White-label

Start offering CrossBox under a custom App name, logo, and a color scheme. Apart from the branded web version, fully white-labeled Android & iOS Apps will help you distinguish yourself from the competition even further!

Use The Infrastructure You Already Have

CrossBox features a drop-in integration with the industries' most popular control panels. Alternatively, you can always install the standalone version and run it on any Linux powered server.

cPanel Plesk Direct Admin Stand-alone Docker Quick Installation

Unlimited Domains and Users per Server

Increase your profit margin with our unlimited domains per server pricing model which is designed particularly with service providers in mind.



Create a smart platform with a single entry point for all your customers

Cluster Mail

Have a single, easy to remember IMAP, SMTP and POP3 hostnames for all servers.

Cluster Webmail

Provide customers from different servers with a single Webmail URL.

Scale Indefinitely

Just add more servers via the master's admin area and you are good to go.

Mix Different Servers

A cluster can contain any number or combination of cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, and Stand-alone servers.