Command Line Tools

The "crossbox" CLI Command

 This is the CrossBox command line utility. Use it to view status, restart services, view logs, trigger updates, and a lot more.

root user is required to run the commands.


crossbox stop|start|restart|status|enable|disable

Easily stop, start, restart, enable, disable crossbox services. You can also view status of all services, for exmaple: crossbox status


crossbox update

Perform a manual update check and update the application if possible.


crossbox log [--lines]

Displays all logs in real time. If it's too verbose, try using crossbox log <service> 

defines a number of "last lines" to display for each log file

Service Specific

crossbox stop|start|restart|disable|enable <service>

You can also specify several <services> by separating multiple services  by space, so for example: crossbox restart redis exim


crossbox medic

CrossBox Medic will collect all the relevant CrossBox logs from your server, send them to us and give you a unique key which you can reference when requesting support.


crossbox info

Will tell you general information about your CrossBox installation.

crossbox admin password

Allows you to reset the admin's password.

crossbox admin email

Allows you to reset admin's e-mail address.

crossbox changelog

Shows latest update messages.

To view full list of crossbox commands, run crossbox -h


You can enable the debug mode if you are faced with a bug and you want to find out more about what the application is doing.

crossbox debug disable|normal|unsafe

Use unsafe mode only when you don't see anything indicating a problem. When using the unsafe debug mode the application may leak information, so use it with care.

NOTE: Changing the debug mode will restart all CrossBox services.