CrossBox for cPanel is one of our most popular control panel integrations. It's Plug-and-Play in its core, covering 95% of all cPanel setups out of the box. Our deep integration with cPanel hooks and APIs enables an automated and fine-tuned experience for both the end-user and service provider.

All data and computing are 100% hosted/done on the cPanel server.



  • Easy access either via cPanel's webmail system or direct URL
  • No complicated IMAP/SMTP/POP3 configuration, only email address, and password are required
  • Instant access to
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Audio/video calls
    • Conferences
    • Files
    • Contacts
    • And many other features, directly integrated with a cPanel hosting account
  • Real-time push notifications
  • Change password within CrossBox
  • Recover access to an email account

Service Providers:

  • Provide users with a modern communication suite that is deeply integrated with and running on a cPanel server
  • Easier customer onboarding
  • Better brand exposure
  • No changes to the cPanel server, services, or configuration files needed
  • Everything is 100% hosted on the cPanel server itself
  • cPanel account quota support
  • WHM Feature List support

Automatic cPanel Integration

MTA/Mail Server

CrossBox supports Exim and Dovecot out of the box, and won't make any changes to your existing MTA/mail server configuration.

From standard Exim configurations to smart external relays, CrossBox supports any configuration.


cPanel users can choose CrossBox as their Webmail Application of choice when accessing cPanel's Webmail.


Note that if you have a Branding Addon purchased, the cPanel Webmail interface will show your custom App Logo.

cPanel UI

Shortcut for CrossBox is also placed in the Software section of the user's cPanel interface.


Note that if you have a Branding Addon purchased, the cPanel's software section will show App Logo and App Name you defined during the installation.

Mailbox Format Support

Both Maildir and MDBOX are fully supported when using CrossBox with cPanel.

E-mail Auto-Login

cPanel's Access Webmail option that features passwordless auto-login is fully supported.


E-mail Quota

CrossBox supports cPanel's e-mail disk quota and sending limitations, as seen in the image below.

Also, it can display the number of queued emails and whether the outgoing limitations apply.


Disk Quota

All the data CrossBox users create and files they store are counted against their hosting account's disk quotas. 


MySQL Quota

CrossBox respects the hosting account's MySQL quota and each hosting account that has CrossBox enabled has its own MySQL database.

The database is created under that hosting account's ownership after the user successfully logs into CrossBox for the first time.

Password Change Syncing

When a user changes its e-mail password via the cPanel interface, the user's CrossBox password is also changed, and vice versa.

Hosting Account Suspension

When a hosting account is suspended, CrossBox users of that hosting account are also suspended and all users automatically logged out of the application.

Hosting Account Termination

When a hosting account gets terminated, CrossBox for that account is also deleted, including users' CrossBox data.


CrossBox users' data is stored in their hosting account's directory and each hosting account has its own CrossBox database.

This means that backing up CrossBox can be done automatically by the cPanel's native Backup System.

You can also use any other backup solution for cPanel servers like JetBackup and it will work out of the box.  

WHM Feature Manager

In WHM, you can use the Feature Manager to enable or disable different features for different hosting packages.

By enabling or disabling the CrossBox Plugin in the feature list, you can control who has access to CrossBox. This is useful if you want to allow access to CrossBox only to users on your more expensive hosting packages.

By default, the CrossBox plugin is enabled for all users.


Note that if you have a Branding Addon purchased, the WHM Feature Manager will show your custom App Name.

Compatibility With Other Software

MailScanner Support

Fully supported.

SpamExperts Support

Fully supported.

MailChannels Support

Fully supported.

SpamAssassin Support

Fully supported.

Apache Solr Support

Fully supported.

Firewall Support

CrossBox integrates automatically with CSF, one of the most popular firewalls for cPanel servers. CrossBox will also automatically detect and use Firewalld, the native firewall for RedHat/CentOS servers.

ClamAV Support

If you already have ClamAV running on your cPanel server, CrossBox will auto-detect it and then use it to scan users' CrossBox data in real-time, thus preventing any harmful files from being uploaded to the server.

CloudLinux Support

CrossBox is fully compatible with CloudLinux and CageFS.