Other Control Panels


Due to CrossBox having a plug and play design by its nature, it can be installed on a server running any control panel, even if the official implementation (so-called deep-integration) for that panel doesn't exist.

CrossBox will auto-detect software which is already running on the server and adjust its operations accordingly.
For example, if the server has an active mail server already installed, CrossBox will not install its own and will use that one instead.


Install CrossBox as you would on any other server, by following our Quick Installation Guide.

CrossBox will not interfere with any software you already have installed or running on the server as it uses its own packages and libraries that are prebuilt and shipped with CrossBox. This means it will not install any software via your system's package manager or touch your system's dependencies in any way.

Post Installation

After having successfully completed the installation, use the Admin area to enable CrossBox for domains hosted on the server.