Run the command cd /home/crossbox/app/ && sh uninstall.sh


1. Do you want to uninstall crossbox from this machine? y/n (n):

type "y" and hit enter


2. Do you want to delete all crossbox related data for all users in the database? y/n (n)

all data that crossbox generated will be irreversibly erased from the disk, enter "y" or "n"


3. Do you want to delete /home/crossbox? y/n (n)

if "y" will delete crossbox user too


4. Final warnings

You have decided to uninstall crossbox from this machine and all it's users data and databases along with /home/crossbox. This action is not reversible. Are you sure you want to proceed? y/n (n)

This will be final prompt-able warning, after this you will still have 10 seconds to cancel the action by entering CTRL+C and sending an interrupt signal to the script

5. Uninstall will start

After 10 seconds the uninstallation will begin by preparing the setup, once this step starts you should not interrupt the script as it might not completely delete the software. Depending on the amount of work and performance of the machine the uninstallation might take from a few seconds to several minutes